Your question: Why do river plains are thickly populated and mountain plains are thinly populated?

Why are plains thickly populated and mountains are thinly populated?

Also, the available land is generally fertile. Hence, plains are the most useful areas for human habitation as well as for cultivation. … Also, mountains offer very little land for farming. For these reasons, mountains are thinly populated.

Why are River mountains thinly populated?

Answer: The mountains arc thinly populated because of harsh climate. The slopes are steep and soil is lack. These conditions are not favourable for agriculture.

Why are plains thickly populated?

Plains are thickly populated because the soils are very fertile and fertile soils provide a good place for cultivating crops. Also, the plains are surrounded by rivers and rivers are quite, quite useful. The transportation is also easy in plains.

Why are plains densely populated 6?

Pains the most densely populated areas of the world because these are fertile land where various crops can be cultivated. Apart from being fertile, plains are flat lands where means of transport can be easily built. It is also easier to build houses, roads and lay railway lines on flat plains.

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Why are the mountains thinly populated write any four reasons?

(g) Mountains are thinly populated because : The climate is harsh at the mountain areas. Slopes are steep at the mountains and that reduces the land available for farming.

Why are the Plains most suitable for human habitation?

Plains are the most useful areas for human habitation. There is great concentration of people as more flat land is available for building houses, as well as for cultivation. Because of fertile soils, the land is highly productive for cultivation.

Which is the most thinly populated landform?

Why are mountains thinly populated? Answer: Life is difficult in mountain areas because of rugged terrain. Hence, mountain areas are sparsely populated.


Mountain Plateau
Mountain’s elevation is in several thousand meters. Plateau’s elevation is between several hundred and several thousand meters.

Why are the mountain regions scantily populated?

The mountains are thinly populated because of harsh climate. The slopes are steep and soil is lack. The mountains are thinly populated because of harsh climate. The slopes are steep and soil is lack.

What flat and fertile land is thickly populated?

For example, Ganga–Yamuna daob is the best example of flat and fertile land. This region is a densely populated region in India because farmers practiced agriculture with the whole family. Transport is easily constructed in the flat land so this land is a densely populated region.

Why are plains densely polluted?

Why are flood plains densely populated:

Flood plains are generally densely populated because rivers are a perennial source of water, thus people tend to live in areas where water is available. Land near the river is very fertile and good for agriculture, making it a great source of income.

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How is life in mountains different from life in plains?

people living in plains are lived freely and they can make high buildings and apartment in plain areas. people living in mountains cannot live freely and they can’t make high building and apartment in mountains.