Why does my paintball gun jam?

Why does my paintball gun keep jamming?

Ball chop happens because a paintball is not completely within the breech when the bolt comes forward. The bolt pinches or slices through the half-chambered paintball. … Again, if your loader is not feeding fast enough then it isn’t keeping a stack of paintballs over the breech to prevent them from ‘popcorning’ back up.

When should you grease your paintball gun?

Re lube every time? Just to be safe id say clean the barrel and lube the bolt after every time you play. Do some other maintenance (like the regulator) every 3-4 times or so. Sounds like a good middle ground.

Can paintball guns jam?

Paintballs will roll down the barrel if they are too small for your barrel or if your ball detent is worn out. If you have a large-diameter barrel and small-diameter paintballs, they may roll down. More commonly, the ball detent is worn out and must be replaced.

How many shots does it take to break in a paintball gun?

If you take it apart, and put it back together with the same parts, then technically, in my mind, it would take 2-3 shots to get all components re-seated and back to their original state. If you replace any parts (particularly the solenoid in an 07-based gun) then the break-in would be considerably longer.

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What oil can I use for my paintball gun?

Gold Cup Oil Bottle

This lubricant is efficient and will keep all the working parts of your paintball gun moving. It works for both the basic and advanced paintball markers. It’s safe and easy to use as well.

What is dwell on a paintball gun?

When you pull the trigger on an electro marker it causes a circuit to “turn on” that makes it fire a paintball. Dwell is a timing measure for how long that circuit turns on to make the marker fire.

Do I need to clean my paintball gun?

Deep Clean Periodically

After every few games, it’s a good idea to disassemble and thoroughly clean your paintball gun. Here’s a handy guide, which includes a list of all the materials you’ll need. To avoid misfires, make sure there’s no gas in your gun before you get started.

How do you store a paintball gun?

The safest way to store your paintball marker at home is to keep it in a lockbox, marker safe, or trunk. Some homeowners also use PVC or vinyl wrap for added protection. It is very tempting to set aside your paintball marker with the intent of storing it at a later time.