Why are living conditions difficult in mountainous regions?

Why do people not live in mountainous areas?

The climate is generally harsh, with steep temperature drops between day and night. High winds, runoff from melting snow and rain cause high levels of erosion and thin, immature soils. Climate change is likely to place considerable stress on the mountain environment and the people who live there.

How is life difficult in mountainous region than plains?

Life is difficult in mountainous areas. Plains provide much better conditions. It is easy to grow crops, build a house or a road in a plain than a mountain. … Quite often we use the land in a wasteful manner, for example constructing houses on a fertile land.

Why is life hard in mountainous and plateau regions?

(g) Life is very difficult in mountain areas because of harsh climate. It is quite difficult to grow crops, build houses or roads in a mountain. Hence, people do not prefer to live here.

How is the life of people in hilly region?

Hill people also reffered to as Mountain people, it is a general term for peple who live on hills and mountains. Climate change is likely to place considerable stress on the mountain environment. There is also scarse of food ,because there is less population of animals ,crops etc.. They have to work hard for food.

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Can I live in the mountains?

In fact, chances are you’ll have plenty of mountain space to call your own for living, relaxing, and maybe even some yodeling if you’re into it. … And if you’re looking to be as remote as possible, there are plenty of opportunities to live in the mountains without any neighbors in eyesight.

How is life in the plains?

The life at plains is very crowded, large number of people live in the form of colonies and they have ease in terms of mobility. Good infrastructure is available for them. … There life is not as easy as it is on plains. They are safe from the diseases of low lands such as malaria and sleeping sickness.

Are very high and they have steep slopes with very little flat land on them?

Plateaus are elevated flatlands. In other words, it is flat land which is standing high above the surrounding area. Furthermore, they may have one or more sides with steep slopes. Also, depending upon the plateau, their height varies from a few hundred meters to several thousand meters.

Is main problem of mountain areas?

Mountain biodiversity faces a number of serious and growing challenges. Habitat degradation caused by unsustainable clearing of land results in erosion of fertile soil and increases the threat of avalanches, landslides and flooding. With this change in habitat, rare species of plants and animals can face extinction.

What is the biggest challenges in mountain ecosystems and why?

The analysis revealed that many mountain systems face both abrupt threats, such as extreme weather events and economic crises, and gradual threats, such as climate change and policy change.

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