When should you grease your paintball gun?

What kind of grease do you use for a paintball gun?

Many paintball markers call for DOW33, DOW55, Silicon or other type greases. TECHT Gun Sav can safely replace the grease for any of those products. In most cases your marker will perform noticeably better when using Gun Sav. Gun Sav will not swell or break-down any type o-rings.

How do you maintain a paintball gun?

Essential Paintball Gun Maintenance Tips

  1. Oil Often (But Not Too Often) Before playing, make sure to oil the front and rear bolt O-rings on your marker. …
  2. Clean the Exterior After Every Use. After each game, clean the marker thoroughly after removing the Co2 or HPA tank. …
  3. Store It Properly. …
  4. Deep Clean Periodically.

What is paintball lube?

You lube a firearm to reduce friction between metal parts. You lube paintball markers to keep O-rings fresh, make a complete seal, and reduce friction on the rubber.

How do you store paintball equipment?

Paintball Marker Storage Instructions

Check to make sure the trigger is in safety mode and the barrel plug is in place before you unload and remove the air supply. Keep it in a safe, dry place, out of direct sunlight. The tank is especially prone to heat and sun damage because Co2 expands in high temperatures.

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Can I clean my paintball barrel with water?

It should have a mirror finish after you clean it good. Please don’t use rubbing alcohol. It’s not recommended for guns, it will strip the glue off of jewels, and soap and water does a better job at cleaning.

How do you clean a paintball barrel swab?

I just rinse them in hot water, squeeze, and let air dry. For my one piece barrel swabs, once every few times i put it in my drill after my normal rise and it floofs it back to brand new.