What type of terrain increases the risk of snowmobiling accident?


What are snowmobiling accidents most likely?

However, the modern snowmobile can weigh in excess of 600 pounds and travel at speeds exceeding 90 miles per hour. Each year snowmobile accidents produce approximately 200 deaths and 14,000 injuries. Excess speed, alcohol, driver inexperience, and poor judgment are the leading causes of accidents.

What causes snowmobile accidents?

Snowmobile accidents result in nearly 200 deaths and 14,000 injuries each year. Alcohol, excessive speed, poor judgment and driver inexperience are cited as the leading causes of crashes. … Often, snowmobile operators crash into trees, property, motor vehicles or other stationary objects.

What characteristics of OHV terrain increases your chance of having an accident?

Environment characteristics also increase the chance of accidents: Rough terrain. Climate extremes. Remoteness.

Which terrain presents the same challenges as riding on pavement when snowmobiling?

Ice presents many of the same handling problems as riding on pavement. Also, spins are common, and fast stops are impossible.

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What is a trail sweep?

The last position of a group, called a “trail sweep,” is critical in maintaining proper spacing and leadership on the trail. This rider should be as experienced and knowledgeable as the trail leader.

What is the best way for a trail leader and a trail sweep to communicate?

Two-way headsets installed in helmets are useful for voice communication and are an effective way for the trail leader and the sweep to communicate.

When should a group of riders split into two smaller groups?

If you have more riders, it’s best to split into smaller groups. Slower riders should ride at the front of the group so nobody gets left behind or has to ride beyond their ability to keep up.

What practice should you follow every time you ride?

Use your lights at all times. Flash your brake lights when you slow to a stop. Ride in the area of the road where others are most likely to see you. Stay out of blind spots.

What should you bring along on every ride?

Still, everyone needs to be prepared for the unexpected with a robust ATV or UTV kit of safety equipment and supplies including:

  1. Proper riding gear.
  2. Safety-certified helmet.
  3. A small fire extinguisher.
  4. Mobile phone.
  5. Matches, pocket knife, maps or GPS.
  6. Never ride alone.

Why is it a bad idea to carry a passenger on an ATV designed for only one rider?

Do not drive a passenger on an ATV. Although there are exceptions, most ATVs are designed for only one rider. When driving an ATV, the driver needs to be able to shift his weight to compensate for the terrain and riding conditions. If your ATV is designed to carry a passenger, never carry more than one person.

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