What paintball team uses Planet Eclipse?

What pro paintball team uses Eclipse?

Los Angeles Ironmen – DYE Precision’s factory team. San Diego Dynasty – Previously sponsored by Planet Eclipse, paintball team with the most professional wins.

Who is the best paintball player in the world?

Oliver Lang. Most wins in pro paintball ever, best player on the winningest team in the history of Pro paintball. Three-time triple crown (PSP/NPPL/Millennium) winner (only team to ever accomplish it), and the first player to have a six-figure salary.

How do you get sponsored by the planet eclipse?

Sponsorship needs to be earned and the best way for this to happen is to create a relationship with your local store / Eclipse dealer. The level that your team competes at will affect the sponsorship options available to you. We have strict rules in place to support teams; this is not open to just any group of players.

What markers do pro Paintballers use?

Here are the top four markers for 2020 and why you might want to have them.

  • Empire Axe 2.0. Did you know that the Empire Axe 2.0 is just below $500? …
  • DLX Luxe X. If there is one marker that is a favorite among professional players, it’s the DLX Luxe X or simply Luxe X. …
  • Planet Eclipse EMEK 100. …
  • Planet Eclipse Etha 2.
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What is the best paintball gun ever made?

Top 19 – The Best Paintball Guns for Any Budget and Skill Level

  • DYE M2. …
  • Dye DAM Assault Matrix. …
  • Planet Eclipse ETEK5. …
  • Dye DSR. …
  • Empire Paintball Axe. …
  • DYE Proto Rize MaXXed. …
  • Empire Paintball Mini GS. …
  • Dye Proto Rize Paintball Marker.

What is the best Empire paintball gun?

Top 10 Best Empire Woodsball Paintball Guns 2021

# Product
1 JT ER2 Pump Pistol RTS Kit clear
2 Maddog Heavy Duty Paintball Tank Remote Coil
3 Tippmann Empire Basics 48ci 3K Paintball Tank- New 2019 Upgraded Version – Globally Certified
4 Feyachi GL6 Green Laser Sight with 45 Degree P13 Picatinny Rail Mount and Pressure Switch

Can you use a paintball gun to mark cattle?

If you haven’t heard about it already, the VetGun is a remote insecticide delivery system akin to shooting at your cows with a paintball gun. … It does take a while to get cattle used to the gun but once you do, there’s no more gathering and confining cattle to treat for flies.

What do pro paintball players make?

According to Simple Hired, professional paintball player salaries depend largely on location, as well as on experience. In 2011, in California, a professional player was able to make as much as $65,000 a year. In New York, a player made only $46,000 a year.

Do pro paintball players wear chest protectors?

Padding on jersey and pants needs to go and the NXL needs to lead the way. There is one reason tournament paintball players want padding on their jerseys, bounces. … To make matters even worse, the NXL allows the use of chest protection, yes chest protection. You can wear a layer of padding on your entire torso!

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Is Planet Eclipse coming out with a new gun?

Introducing the new Planet Eclipse Etha LT paintball gun. If you are looking for an affordable and reliable paintball gun with high quality features, then look no further.

Does Angel still make paintball guns?

The Angel is one of the first electropneumatic paintball markers. It was manufactured by Angel Paintball Sports (originally WDP) starting in 1997 and was introduced alongside Smart Parts’ original Shocker.

Angel (paintball gun)

Retail price $1,195 USD on release; currently $895 USD

How do you get sponsored for paintball?

Read on for more information on how to get sponsored in paintball.

  1. Understand What A Sponsorship Is. …
  2. Be Realistic About Your Team and Your Needs/ Expectations. …
  3. Build Your Team’s Portfolio. …
  4. Start Local. …
  5. Soliciting Manufacturer and National Retailer Sponsors. …
  6. Do Team Activities Outside Of Paintball.