What is grown in forest and mountain soil?

What grows in forest soil?

Crops, particularly maize and sorghum, produced higher dry matter on forest influenced soil than on ordinary field soil. The leguminous groundnuts however, appeared to have fixed its own nitrogen and therefore depended less on the inherent fertility advantages of the forest soil.

What is forest and mountainous soil?

Forest and mountain soils occur not only at higher elevations, but also at lower elevations that have sufficient rainfall. They are formed by the deposition of organic matter derived from forest growth and are heterogeneous in nature, depending on parent rocks, ground configuration, and climate.

What is the Colour of forest soil?

the colour of forest soil is often darkish brown .

Why is mountain soil so fertile?

Mountain Soil is very rich because:

It contains more humus. It is rich in organic matter.

Is forest soil good for farming?

Forest soils form where it is not too hot, and not too cold. … Soils that formed under deciduous forests are very fertile and productive agricultural lands because of the decomposing leaves at the soil surface. However, soils formed under pine trees are usually more acidic and sandy, and are less suited to growing crops.

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What is the best description of forest soil?

Forest soils, where soil formation has been influenced by forest vegetation, are generally characterized by deeply rooted trees, significant ‘litter layers’ or O horizons, recycling of organic matter and nutrients, including wood, and wide varieties of soil-dwelling organisms (Figure 1).

Where forest soil is found?

Forests soils are found in the hilly and mountainous areas where sufficient rainforests are available. The soils texture varies according to the mountain environment where they are formed. They are loamy and silty in valley sides and coarse grained in the upper slopes.

What are the main features of forest soil?

(i) These soils are heterogeneous in nature, with different characteristics depending on the mountainous environment and altitude. (ii) The soils are high in humus but low in potash, phosphorus, and lime. (iii) The soils are particularly suited to the cultivation of tea and coffee, spices and fruits.

What is the Colour of forest and mountain soil?

Red, yellow, or brown tints to soil indicate the presence of iron oxide. Soils that appear white have more carbonates, such as salts.

What are characteristics of forest soil?

Summary. Forest soils are generally very acidic, organic, and their chemical fertility is generally limited. The role of ecosystem management will be all the more important for their sustainability as the soil will be poor, because organic matter of the top soil is always more labile than mineral phases.