What animal lives in the Rocky Mountains?

How many species live in the Rocky Mountains?

Rocky Mountain hosts more than sixty species of mammals (including elk and moose), nearly 300 bird species, several amphibian, reptile, and fish species, and innumerable insects. [2] With the park’s large elevation range, plants and animals have become well adapted to various mountain ecosystems.

What is a common animal to be found in Rocky Mountain National Park?

Marmots and pikas favor rocky areas. Marmots are best seen on the alpine tundra along Trail Ridge and Old Fall River roads. Pikas – small, light-colored mammals – are common in rock piles.

Do mice live in the Rocky Mountains?

There are two species of jumping mice in Colorado: the western jumping mouse and the meadow jumping mouse. … The western jumping mouse lives in the mountains, in forests and thickets. The meadow jumping mouse lives in the great plains, close to the Rocky Mountains.

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