Quick Answer: Has anyone landed a 1080 on a skateboard?

Has anyone done a 1260 on a skateboard?

Mitchie Brusco lands the first 1260 in skateboard history at the Skateboard Big Air final to ultimately win the silver medal.

Is a 1080 possible in skateboarding?

The 1080 is a skateboarding trick that can be performed on a vertical skateboard ramp or on a mega ramp, in which the skateboarder makes three full revolutions (1080 degrees of rotation) while airborne.

Has anyone landed a 1440?

It was first completed successfully on a mega ramp in 2012 by American skateboarder Tom Schaar, and on a vert ramp in May 2020 by Brazilian skateboarder Gui Khury.

Has anyone landed a 900?

There are only four people who have been able to spin completely and he’s one of them. Tas Pappas and Rob Boyce also have spun it, but they haven’t landed it.” Tony Hawk, one of the most successful vertical pro skateboarders in the world, landed the 900 at X Games V in 1999 after ten failed attempts.

Has Tony Hawk done a 1080?

A 12-year-old skateboarder bested his hero Tony Hawk by landing the first 1080 in competition to win gold at the X Games.

Has anyone done a 1080?

The elusive 1080 is widely viewed as one of most difficult moves in the sport. It has only been completed successfully by a handful of skateboarders, and never on vert. In 2012, then-12-year-old Tom Schaar became the first skateboarder to complete the move.

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How many spins is a 1440?

And snowboarding has, by most accounts, a 1440-degree spin (four rotations).