Question: Where are the highest mountains in Mexico?

What is the 2nd highest peak in Mexico and where is it?

Popocatepetl. Popocatepetl stands at 17,749 feet above sea level, making it the second tallest peak in Mexico. As with Pico de Orizaba, this mountain makes up part of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. It is located on the borders of the Puebla, Mexico, and Morelos states.

What part of Mexico has mountains?

Most of the mountains in Mexico lie in one of two regions. The highest mountain peaks are located in the state of Puebla. The main mountain range in Mexico – the Sierra Madre Mountains – runs from the northwest to the southeast portion.

What is Mexico’s lowest point?

Geography of Mexico

Continent North America
Borders Total land borders 4,263 km
Highest point Pico de Orizaba volcano 5,700 m
Lowest point Laguna Salada -10 m
Longest river Rio Grande 3,108 km

What is the official language of Mexico?

Does Mexico have a desert?

This arid corridor nearly covers a million square kilometres, but it is divided into four large deserts: the Great Basin, the Mojave Desert, the Sonoran Desert, and the Chihuahuan Desert. The latter is mostly located in Mexico.

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