Question: Can I change the wheels on my electric skateboard?

Can you put any wheels on an electric skateboard?

Tech Specs. The drive wheels have been custom designed from scratch to suit the needs of a Mellow ride. They will last you as long as any regular skateboard wheel.

Can I upgrade my electric skateboard?

Increasing your wheels from 80mm to something like 97mm can easily add 2-5mph on to your current top speed. Keep in mind that if you change your wheel type (example: Orangatang to Abec) you’ll need to purchase the correct wheel pulley to complete this upgrade.

How long do electric skateboard wheels last?

Depending on the model, electric skateboards can go up to 12-20 miles on average without charging. High models can go up to 50 miles. However, these advertised range claims are stated by the manufacturers and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the e-boards will last that many miles.

Do skateboard wheels go bad?

Your board wheels start shaping after the way you take a turn, after a while, they get cone-shaped. It’s pretty common they wear down unevenly as you probably favor one side more than the other. You can swap your wheels around about every 2 or 3 months, depending on how often you ride your skateboard.

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How do you loosen the wheels on a skateboard?

If your skateboard wheels feel too tight, loosen them slightly by turning them counter-clockwise. Loosen one wheel at a time until each is able to spin freely by spinning the wheel with your hand. You can also use washers to help avoid pinching the wheel and bearing into place.

How do I increase the range on my electric skateboard?

Increase Longer Distance Range on your Electric Skateboard

  1. Increase distance by increasing on board watt hours. The most simple method of increasing distance is by increasing watt hours for your on-board battery. …
  2. Increase distance by swapping battery packs. …
  3. Increase distance by using less Wh or power.

Can you kick push an electric skateboard?

As a rule of thumb, electric skateboards that are belt-driven instead of motor-driven will offer a lot of resistance. They can still be kick-pushed, but it is generally not recommended to do this as it is a very inefficient method of transportation.

Can you manually push an electric skateboard?

Can You Kick Push An Electric Skateboard? It depends! An electric skateboard’s drive system set up determines how well it can be ridden like an unpowered skateboard. A belt-driven board’s drag is substantial and certainly isn’t easy to push about.