Is it legal to pan for gold in the Smoky Mountains?

Is gold panning legal in Tennessee?

Recreational prospecting in Tennessee requires a permit from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. Conveniently, this is a “general permit” and is fairly broad. It allows the holder to use various methods to extract gold in the state.

Can you legally pan for gold?

Gold panning is legal in most rivers and streams running through state and national parks in California, but your luck will be best if you head to regions where gold has been discovered in the past.

Can you find gold in the Smoky Mountains?

Most of the Gold in Tennessee is found along the eastern edge of the state and rocks that are of Cambrian or pre-Cambrian age. Or also called on the western flank of the great Smoky Mountains as well as in the creeks a few miles east of not those Springs.

Has gold been found in Tennessee?

Nearly all of the gold that comes out of Tennessee is found in the extreme eastern portion of the state. The richest placers have been found along the border of North Carolina in a few distinct rivers and streams. Let’s take a look at the best places to do some gold prospecting in Tennessee.

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Is there gold in Pigeon Forge?

The Cherokees Buried Treasure in Wears Valley

The gold came from the Cherokee Indians who once lived in the valley at the onset of the infamous Trail of Tears. Though rumors are that the gold remains buried in Wears Valley still today, we at Visit My Smokies do not encourage guests to go in search of it.

Do you need a license to pan gold?

No permit is required for low-impact gold panning, however respect the rights of existing mining claims. There are many areas within the BLM Redding Resource Area that are popular for panning including areas along Butte Creek, Clear Creek and the Trinity River.

Where can I legally prospect for gold?

Welcome to the NSW Gold Trails

  • CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope. The Dish (CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope) is one of Australia’s most prominent landmarks with an amazing history! …
  • O’Brien’s Hill. …
  • Adelong Falls Gold Mill Ruins. …
  • Lambing Flat Chinese Festival. …
  • Hill End. …
  • Eugowra.

Can you find gold in any creek?

Gold is not randomly scattered throughout a creek or river.

Due to its high specific gravity, it acts in a very predictable way, and can often be very easy to find if you just search in the right spots. Learning how to properly “read a river” for gold is one of the most important aspects of placer mining.