Is Horseshoe Bend the same as Antelope Canyon?

Can you do Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon in one day?

Don’t worry — you can experience some of the most breathtaking sights that the American Southwest has to offer by visiting Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend in a single day.

Is Antelope Canyon a part of Grand Canyon?

We’re here to help! First off, Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon or Horseshoe Bend are NOT the same thing. Yes, they both reside in Arizona, and yes, they both are part of the Grand Circle.

What part of the Grand Canyon is Horseshoe Bend?

Horseshoe Bend is not part of the Grand Canyon. It is about 140 miles from the South Rim and the North Rim. However, it is only about 5 miles from the Grand Canyon National Park boundary.

What is similar to Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon Alternative Tours

  • Canyon X. …
  • Secret Canyon. …
  • Mountain Sheep Canyon* …
  • Rattlesnake Canyon* …
  • Owl Canyon* …
  • Cardiac Canyon. …
  • Cathedral Canyon. …
  • General Notes:

What major city is closest to Antelope Canyon?

The location of Antelope Canyon is around 5 hours north of Phoenix. We were staying near Sedona and it was 3 hours from there. The closest city is Page, AZ.

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How many have died at Horseshoe Bend?


Mary Plumb, spokesperson for Glen Canyon National Recreational Area, said that there have been six deaths at the overlook – three of which were accidental. The first fall was a Greek tourist in 2010, before the overlook gained its current popularity, Plumb said.

How many days do you need for Horseshoe Bend?

You can visit whichever you prefer first, but I highly recommend including these two wonders in your West Coast trip. If you plan to visit the Grand Canyon, reserve at least two days. You can also check where to stay inside the Grand Canyon here.