How much does it cost to go to Rainbow Mountain?

Is it easy to get to Rainbow Mountain?

There are a couple of ways of getting to Rainbow Mountain but the most recommended are through a Full Day Trek or a Quick Trek which we will go into detail. If you first need to get to Cusco, read further down.

Can you drive to Rainbow Mountain?

The drive to Rainbow Mountain to Cusco is a long 3h15min, something like 2h on asphalt and 1h15min on mountain dirt roads, where having a map app like is a must. In order to avoid crows and enjoying the fullest we suggest you leave Cusco at 2.30am.

Is Rainbow Mountain difficult?

Known as Vinicunca to locals, Rainbow Mountain Peru is notoriously difficult to reach, but has become somewhat more accessible in recent years due to glaciers receding which has allowed easier access. The trailhead is reached by a 3-hour drive from the city of Cusco.

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