How can you describe Mr Romi Garduce as a mountaineer?

How can you describe Romi Garduce as a mountaineer?

While Romi Garduce is popularly known as a mountaineer whose notable achievement is scaling the Seven Summits, he also can be described as having many other facets like the following: an I.T. Project Manager in discipline, an accomplished scuba dive master and a well-known environmentalist.

Who is Romeo Roberto Romi Garduce?

Romeo Roberto “Romi” Garduce (born 1969 in Balanga, Bataan), sometimes nicknamed as “Garduch,” is a Filipino mountain climber, a scuba dive master (since 2000), an environmentalist, writer, motivational speaker and works as an IT professional.

What are the qualities of a mountaineer?

The desirable qualities in the Mountaineer Mindset

  • Unwavering self belief.
  • Ability to visualize success in detail.
  • Ability to accept and deal with fear.
  • Ability to manage doubt.
  • Bulletproof positivity.
  • The enjoyment of suffering.
  • Mental Endurance.
  • Sharp Focus.

What is the goal of a mountaineer?

But, where the goal of backpacking is to complete a scenic loop or hike out and back while camping along the way, the purpose of mountaineering is to stand on the summit of a peak, and you often get there by traveling on snow, and possibly even glaciers or ice.

What are the 3 basic forms of climbing?

There are mainly 3 basic forms of climbing: Lead, Bouldering and Speed.

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Do you think mountain climbing is a tough activity Why?

Climbing down steep rock is usually harder than going up, because of the difficulty in seeing holds from above and the normal reluctance of climbers to reach down and work their hands low enough as they descend.

What are the different forms of mountain climbing?

There are three types of mountain climbing: ice climbing, trail climbing, and rock climbing.