Do skateboard trucks turn?

Should I rotate my skateboard trucks?

Rotating your wheels periodically is a good way to prolong the life of your skateboard and ensure even wear over time. Once you remove the wheels, rotate them in an X pattern.

Why won’t my skateboard trucks turn?

Check the tightness of your trucks.

If your deck barely tilts, it means you have tight trucks, which will make it difficult to turn. If your board tilts easily, it means your trucks are loose; while looser trucks make turning easier, they also make your deck unstable and difficult to control.

Why are my skateboard trucks crooked?

If your skateboard is constantly turning or leaning towards the left or the right, there are a couple of possible causes. The most likely ones are either the bushings in your trucks, or your hardware. Bushings are the hard, rounded plastic pieces in your trucks that squash down in the direction you are turning.

Do all bushings fit all trucks?

All trucks come with stock bushings, but some prefer to replace them. Not everybody weighs the same and skaters prefer different tightness on the trucks. Note that bushings need to break in a little before you can tell you want to replace them.

Can you flip Paris hangers?

The hanger also has rake, which means if you are to flip the hanger, you would technically be able to get a more stable ride. The 195mm is ideal for stability and longer boards with wider widths (think dancers and large cruisers).

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