Can you wash a slackline?

Can a slackline get wet?

The reason you don’t want to get it wet is that if you get the line wet, it won’t stretch as consistently when you set it up later. However, if you just leave it up forever, you’ll effectively sidestep the problem. It does indeed change the elasticity of the line.

How long does a slackline last?

Even with zero use, a slackline webbing should be retired after 10 years. That pretty much covers the proper handling of your slackline webbing.

Is slacklining illegal?

In general, in the USA, slacklining is allowed in most cities, parks and public places. Some of the more popular areas for slacklining have some level of regulation, and a few places have all but banned it.

How high should my slackline be?

We recommend setting the line 1.5 to 2 feet off the ground for kids and 2 to 2.5 feet high for adults.

Are Gibbon slacklines good?

The Gibbon ClassicLine shines best when it is set up low to the ground for brand new slackliners. If all you want is a line to go between two points that are relatively close together for walking and learning static poses with the smallest dent in your pocketbook, this is a good line for you.

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