Can you swim in Antelope Canyon?

Can you swim at Antelope Point?

For the most part, the weather is warm enough all year long to enjoy a sunny day on the top deck of your houseboat with friends and family. In the summer, records show that temperatures can reach up to 99 °F, making the water nice and warm for water sports and swimming.

Can you swim in Horseshoe Bend?

Horseshoe Bend Campground is situated on the north side of Lake McClure, only 3 miles west of Highway 49 and Coulterville. Campers at Horseshoe Bend enjoy fishing, hiking, boating, swimming, waterskiing, and relaxing along the water’s edge. A boat launch ramp is nearby.

Can you get into Antelope Canyon for free?

Many tourists look forward to visiting Antelope Canyon. Some may wonder if they can visit Antelope Canyon without booking a tour — you might even be one of them. The answer might surprise you: no, Antelope Canyon can only be visited through a guided tour.

What is so special about Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon was naturally formed over hundreds of years. It developed its unique geography from water running through sandstone. Because of this, it is known by the Navajo people as “the place where water runs through rocks.” The Canyon actually consists of two separate slot canyons: Upper vs Lower Antelope Canyon.

Can you sneak into Antelope Canyon?

No, the Antelope Canyon is protected by the Navajo Parks and Recreation and only authorized tour companies can take visitors to the canyon. … One cannot go alone; you have to be with an authorized tour company.

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