Best answer: Which African country has mountains?

Which country has the most mountains in Africa?

List of highest points of African countries

Rank Country Highest point
1 Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro
46 Togo Mont Agou
39 Tunisia Jebel ech Chambi
4 Uganda Margherita Peak on Mount Stanley

Where are mountains located in Africa?

Top 10 Mountain Ranges in Africa

Range Countries Highest Point
Atlas Mountains Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia Mount Toubkal (4,167m)
Drakensberg South Africa Thabana Ntlenyana (3,482m)
Ethiopian Highlands Ethiopia Mount Abuna Yosef (4,550m)
Marrah Mountains Sudan Deriba Caldera (3,042m)

Which country has the longest river in Africa?

Its length is around 6,650 kilometers and its drainage basin covers 11 African countries. The Congo is the second-longest river on the African continent, having an approximate length of 4,700 kilometers.

The longest rivers in Africa (in kilometers)

Characteristic Length in kilometers
Nile 6,650
Congo 4,700
Niger 4,180
Zambezi 2,574
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