Best answer: How can I be a good Paintballer?

Is playing paintball hard?

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. It really is easy to play and once you get over your initial nerves you’ll be fine. Paintball is all about fun, it’s the ideal excuse to get outside, socialise, exercise and think strategically.

How do I paintball for the first time?

A Few Simple, Yet Effective Tips for a First Time Paintballer

  1. Rushing Will Get You Shot. Paintball is fast and exciting activity, so not rushing may sound like the type advice that will leave you dripping in paint. …
  2. Keep Low and Use Cover. …
  3. Choose the Right Tool for the Job. …
  4. Teamwork is Your Most Effective Weapon.

Should I be scared to go paintballing?

Never be afraid of the paintball. … It’s important to not let fear of the paintball keep you hidden in one spot the entire game. You will be very bored and probably still get hit regardless. Take a chance and make a move!

Can a paintball break a bone?

Knee and Ligament injuries: Common Knee and ligament injuries include, Torn Ligament Ruptured Tendons, MCL Injuries, ACL Injuries Anterior Cruciate Ligament, Torn Meniscus Injury, and Fracture Other Paintball injuries: … Broken Bones.

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