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Wollersheim Winery Open House


Wollersheim Winery Open House 2016

Welcome to Wollersheim Winery

Wollersheim Winery in Prairie du Sac is our favorite winery. Our last visit was in June 2013 so it was time go back to see the latest developments. The open house is only once a year, and you get to take a self-guided tour, going into areas that you normally wouldn’t see.   The biggest development since our last visit, the new Distillery building. It was built in 2015. The winery has now expanded to include brandy in its offerings and the new building makes this possible. This building was part of our tour too.

Wollersheim Distillery IMG_2810

Our tour began in the main building, we arrived just before they opened so we joined the first group.  We were never here in the winter before and it looked quite pretty.

Wollersheim Winery main buildings IMG_2571

We began our tour upstairs, at stop #1 you could try a sample of one of their most popular wines, Prairie Fumé.

Prairie Fume at Wollersheim

There is also a cow painted with winery scenes, cute!

Wollersheim Winery cow

We then walked outside and around to the back of the main building where Station #4 was located, the Fermentation Room.  Another wine sampling station is located here.  Our first time inside this room, the size of the tanks were amazing!

Fermentation Room at Wollersheim

The Big Room (#6) is accessed through a door on the left.

Press Room at Wollersheim

And it is big, we felt small as mice next to these fermenting tanks.

Big Room at Wollersheim IMG_2656

We also got a look at the Still House where they make their fine brandies. Such beautiful copper.  This is a Vendome Still, made in Kentucky.  They can also make Gin with these stills.  A photo-op with this still was a must!

Stillhouse IMG_2702

Distilled this Week IMG_2701

Brandy Room at Wollersheim IMG_2684

Vendome Still sign IMG_2696

Selfie with Still at Wollersheim IMG_2722

Here is the “Little Pot”, looks a little like BB8  from Star Wars, The Force Awakens  🙂

Little Pot and BB8 Droid

The Bottling Room was mesmerising, very interesting to see how the bottles are filled.

Bottling Room IMG_2739

The Grainery and Mill Room, where the unprocessed grains are stored.


We finished our tour in the upper floor of the Distillery building, the windows offer a panoramic view of the whole winery, including a patio to enjoy in the summer.

Distillery patio IMG_2716

Be sure to go to the wine cave. Information boards show the history of the winery going all the way back to the 1800’s.  There are also some early artifacts in the back of the cave.

Wine Cave IMG_2569

Wine Cave artifacts IMG_2775

Phillipe and Family IMG_2781

A great tour was had by all,  we toast you to an exciting future!

Selfie with Wine IMG_2812

Potosi Brewing Company – A Tradition since 1852


Potosi town signPotosi Marker

After visiting Hazel Green we headed here to the Potosi Brewing Company to see what all the buzz was about. The scenery is beautiful, the bluff makes a great backdrop to the red brick buildings. Potosi is also one of the 33 towns on the Great River Road that goes alongside the Mississippi. Another one we have been to is Dickeyville.

Approaching Potosi Brewery

We first went to the right side, where the big beer can is located. The grounds are quite beautiful in the summer. We HAD to get a selfie at the big beer can  🙂  Al is 6’3″ so you can see how big it is.  It is the work of Scott Haverland Plastering, made in 2007.

Potosi Brewing Co. grounds

Potosi Beer selfie

After looking around here we went to the main brewery building. A lot of activity here, the National Brewery Museum is located her on the 2nd and 3rd floors, $5 admission is charged. We just stayed on the lower level where there were also a few displays also.

Potosi Museum displays

Potosi Brewing Co. Wagon

Beer Can display in Potosi

The Cave was especially interesting.

The Cave entrance in Potosi

Inside the cave inn Potosi

The brewery also has a restaurant which was hoppin’.

Potosi Brewing Company Restaurant

Potosi Brewing Co. Restaurant

You can eat outside too on their patio.

Potosi Brewery Patio

All their beer is made from natural spring water on site, and you can see it flowing under the restaurant through a window in the floor, cool!

Window in floor of Potosi Brewery

You can see the water flow outside too.

Spring water in Potosi

In the back of the restaurant you can see some tanks where the beer is being fermented and tanks of ready-to-serve beer.  Since we were driving we enjoyed a refreshing root beer on a warm day, they make that too.

Beer Tanks in Potosi

There are some other businesses across from the brewery.  Whispering Bluffs Winery and Blue Boy Market.

Whispering Bluffs Winery and Blue Boy Market

Gary David Woodworking and Design

Gary David Woodworking and Design

We really glad we stopped here today, it was worth the visit to this historic brewery.

Wollersheim Winery Rewind – Wine Cave Open!


After nearly three years (9-27-2010), Al and I are back at Wollersheim Winery in Prairie Du Sac for a visit.  We took the tour again, which is $5 and includes a wine tasting at the end. They have done many exciting upgrades and we wanted to see them.  It was a perfect summer day, a little cool with lots of sunshine.  We arrived in time for their 12:15 tour. Just arriving to the winery the scenery is quite pretty. They also recently won a major competition in California.  Napa Valley better watch out! A huge wine barrel greets visitors at the entrance.

6-30 2816-30 306

The path up to the main building has changed.  There is now a historical sign, installed in 2011.

Winery sign

We reach the top of the steps, it’s always breath taking to see the grounds of the winery and lots of happy people also enjoying the view.

6-30 684

6-30 356

6-30 6176-30 605

A view of the cave on the right, now fully enclosed.  On the inside, in the back looking out. Also looking in toward the back. There is now a Sensory Garden next to the cave. It features plants that add to the flavor notes of the wines.  There is a chart also detailing the correlations to the wines.

6-30 594

The tour also took us to one of the rooms where the wine is processed.  We went below in the main building where many barrels of wine were being stored. We found out that cream of tartar is a by-product of wine production, very interesting! Wollersheim now produces brandy, new addition to their offerings.  The batches are not yet very large so pre-ordering is a good idea.


We concluded the tour with some wine tasting of their most popular wines. Our guide Morgan was happy to take a picture with us at the conclusion of our time with her.  Thanks Morgan!

6-30 480Al Morgan Laurie

Wollersheim Winery  has a connection to Cedar Creek Winery in Cedarburg as well.  They bought Cedar Creek in 1990 and have a separate vineyard. Al and I were just there in May.

Cedar Creek Winery

We enjoyed our visit even more than in 2010.  If you ever have a chance to try their wine or Cedar Creek, don’t pass it it up.  A great taste awaits you!


6-30 664


A Toast to Wollersheim Winery



Wisconsin in recent years is becoming known as the new Wine Country, California’s Napa Valley has some competition from the rolling hills of Wisconsin. Wollersheim Winery in Prairie Du Sac is a favorite of ours.  We went for a tour that day. We went up the stairs to the main building where we began the tour. The store is attractively displayed. There is also a picnic area outside.


Picnic area

We met upstairs, then headed out to the historic wine cave just up the hill. It was where the wine was once aged. 2013-It has been restored, you can now go inside.


As our guide told us the history of the winery, I enjoyed the view from the hill we were on, the vineyard and main building below.



Big Room facts

We then went inside to see the modern wine-making room from a viewing window.  We then proceeded underground where wines was being aged in barrels.


Wine tasting time!  Our favorite is Prairie Fume, one of their most popular wines.

100_4819Wine glass

We hope you enjoyed your tour. It’s time to go back again though, it looks even better than 2010. The cave was not open then.


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