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Evansville-Soybean Capital and Barn Quilt City


Evansville sign

Welcome to Evansville!

Evansville downtown

This city of 5000 is located in Rock County and is a great place to visit.  Only 23 miles south of Madison,  it’s a quick getaway from the big city.   One thing that sets Evansville apart is the many barn quilts  adorning many of the buildings there.

Evansville Barn Quiltbarn quilt

Another distinctive art form Evansville is known for are windmills. They are displayed all over the downtown, made by local artists.  The large one is next to the Evansville Grove Society History Museum and visitor center. This was the former Baker Office Building.

Evansville WindmillEvansville Historic Museum

The windmill signifies Evansville’s dedication to Green Energy. It was selected as a pilot Wisconsin Energy Independent Community in 2010.

Yet another distinction of Evansville is its strong ties to the local farming community. It earned the title of “Soybean Capital of Wisconsin”  in 2007. Evansville has many beautiful historic buildings. This is the former City Hall.

Evansville Historic City Hall

This is the former Leota School for Girls, now an impressive red home.

Leota School for Girls

The Allen Funeral Home, since 1930.

Allen Funeral Home in Evansville, WI

The Eager Free Public Library.

Eager Free Public Library in Evansville WI

The former train depot, now the local VFW.

Evansville Depot

There are a great many more beautiful buildings to see.  Look here for a  walking tour you can print.

It was time for lunch, and we had a great one downtown at The Night Owl.

10-6-16 – The Night Owl had a fire overnight, it will be closed until further notice.

The Night Owl in Evansville WI

sandwich at the Nite OwlBurger at The Night Owl in Evansville WI

Our last stop in Evansville that day was Lake Leota Park.


Lake Leota Waterfall

This park is their largest,  the lake being a former millpond.  Here is a beautiful waterfall there now with a view of the rest of the lake.

I am a big fan of covered bridges, and they have one at this park.

Lake Leota Covered Bridge

We had a great visit to Evansville and hope to be back again soon.

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Stop and Smell the Peonies in Rosendale


We were on our way to Algoma, and our Garmin led us through Rosendale in Fon du Lac county.. Be VERY careful with your speed, cops are known for pulling you over and giving tickets if you are as little as 1 mph over limit. We had no problems.

Rosendale sign

Right across from the sign is a unique structure made of Lake Michigan Stones, completed in 1924.

Lake Michigan Stones Marker by August H. Bluemke

What really made us stop was the view on our left, Sisson’s Peony Gardens.  The structures in the garden were constructed between 1928-30.  Wilbur Sisson retired in Rosendale in 1918 and began to build this beautiful sanctuary which began to attract people from miles around.  Its now listed as a Wisconsin Historic Site.  The peonies were not in bloom by the time we saw it, but maybe next year. In early June the town celebrates “Peony Sunday”

Sisson's Peony Gardens in Rosendale Sisson's Peony Garden Stone Entrance

Peony Garden sign

Stone Windmill

A view of the gardens behind the windmill.

Sisson's Peony Gardens view

In the far back is a beautiful gazebo.


We plan on coming back here next year, hopefully during their Peony Sunday festival.



We did make it back, but a little too late for the festival. There were still flowers blooming, unlike the visit last August.

Sisson Peony Garden in June


Peony Collage