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The Historic Washington House Museum in Two Rivers

8-29-10 and 6-30-12

Two Rivers sign

 The Washington House in Two Rivers was built in the 1850’s as an immigrant hotel. Now, it is home of Berners Ice Cream Parlor which claims to be the birthplace of the Ice Cream Sundae.

Washington House in Two Rivers

Ice Cream Sundae marker Two Rivers

 Once you step in the door, the first think you see is a bar and lots of artifacts behind and around it. The Berners Ice Cream parlor is not the original, but two chairs on display are from the original parlor.

Washington House bar in Two Rivers

Berners Parlor chairs in Washington House

Streight ahead is Berners, what an inviting ice cream parlor!

Berners Ice Cream Parlor in Washington House in Two Rivers

We had some ice cream, then explored the museum on the 2nd floor.

Washington House stage Two Rivers

In this room were stage performances, the murals are being restored.  These already were.

Mural Collage in Washington House

 This is the Waverly building, another business that started about the same time as the Washington House. It is still here and still owned by the same family. It’s now Waverly Inn Pub and Pizza.

Waverly building in Two Rivers

 Here are more of the exhibits, many interesting artifacts of days gone by.

Exhibit Rooms in Washington House in Two Rivers

The Barber Shop


Barber Shop Exhibit in Washington House in Two Rivers



Dentist exhibit in Washington House in Two Rivers


Doctor Exhibit in Washington House in Two Rivers

Room to Let

Room to Let Exhibit in Washington House in Two Rivers


Kitchen Exhibit in Washington House in Two Rivers

And much more!  It’s free to take the self-guided tour, but donations are gladly accepted.

Washington House donation box

Don’t forget to have an ice cream sundae at Berners’ before you go! We had a great visit here.

Strawberry Sundae

Two Rivers – Wisconsin Harbor Town

Many visits

Two Rivers Water tower picture

Two Rivers sign

We really enjoy traveling by the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin, and visiting the towns and cities that are located along it.  Seven miles north of Manitowoc is Two Rivers, a town with an active, vibrant community.  We have made several visits there, all in the summer.  The town has much to offer.  Rogers Street Fishing Village is very picturesque, especially when sunset approaches.  They charge a small admission to go within the building and structures, that’s to maintain it.

Rogers Street Fishing Village in Two Rivers


Two Rivers is also known for inventing the ice cream sundae. You can get one at The Washington House downtown.  Historic artifacts are kept in this building. But first, lets get some ice cream!

Washington House in Two RiversWashington House side Two Rivers

Washington House Berners Ice Cream Two RiversBerners sign Washington House Two Rivers

Us and Berners Washington House in Two RiversTwo Rivers Washington House mug


Red Bank Coffee is another popular place to relax.  Schroeder’s Department Store is in the same historic building.  We had dinner at Kurtz’s Pub and Deli in 2014. They have been open since 1904, 110 years. Now the third-generation is giving Two Rivers a place to unwind.

Red Bank Coffee House and Schroeder's Dept. Store


Kurtze's Pub and Deli in Two Rivers

We were back on August 19, 2016 and enjoyed lunch at a new restaurant called Schwarz’s Pub and Grill.  It’s a former band, the vault is now used to store wine!

Schwarz's Pub and Grill in Two Rivers

It’s also fun to go to the boat launch area. To the left is the Coast Guard station. We saw a boat full of scuba divers come back to port after a day of diving.

6-30 1116Diveboat

We enjoyed the view from the lookout tower there.

6-30 1132

We also happened to be there during their Cool City Classic Car Show at the end of June.  325 cars were on display. Their media happened to get a pic of me in center of pic below.  Here are just a few of the cool cars there.

6-30 1373Me at show

6-30 8426-30 830

6-30 8326-30 1022

Two Rivers also has a Municipal Band that performs in the summer. We watched them on August 7, 2014. You can too!

Two rivers Municipal Band 8-7-14

Lastly, we will visit Rawley Point Lighthouse about 7 miles north of Two Rivers in the Point Beach State Forest. It was so beautiful!

6-30 1452 6-30 1467

Rawley Point Lighthouse in Two Rivers

Rawley Point Beach

The beach was beautiful too. What a fun visit to Two Rivers!