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Rudolph Grotto in Rudolph


St. Philip Church

This is the first grotto we went to that month,  the 2nd one was in Dickeyville.  This grotto is on the grounds of St. Philip Catholic Church in Rudolph. The church was originally named  St. Philomena.  In 1917 Father Philip Wagner was appointed to this church as the Pastor. The name was changed to St. Philip in 1961 in honor of Fr. Philip Wagner.  The first shrine began construction in 1927, taking 11 years to complete.  Father Wagner died on 11-1-59, However, work continued until 1983. Upkeep of the grotto continues today by devoted volunteers.  Donations are greatly encouraged for continued upkeep of the Grotto.   To visit the optional Wonder Cave,  you must pay inside the gift shop and let the staff know you wish to tour the cave.

The garden has many beautiful flowers, and one of them on the grounds has special meaning to Christians, the Passion Flower.

Passion Flower symbolismPassion Flower

Pond at Rudolph Grotto

Patriotic Shrine

Patriotic Shrine at Rudolph Grotto

Sunburst Gazebo in Rudolph Grotto

St. Jude’s Chapel

St. Jude's Chapel at Rudolph Grotto

inside St. Jude's Chapel

Now, the Wonder Cave. This is a man-made cave with devotions and depictions through sculpture and light throughout your tour.

Wonder Cave at Rudolph Grotto

Wonder Cave display

Boy Jesus display in Wonder Cave at Rudolph Grotto

After exiting the cave we saw a beautiful sundial.

Sundial at Rudolph Grotto

We had a great visit here and recommend it if you are in the area. Here is a video another visitor made. It is open to visitors Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Making Cheese in Arena and Rudolph

Cheese is one Wisconsin‘s biggest industries, and produces award-winning cheese. We have visited two places that make and sell cheese. On 10-7-11 we visited Arena Cheese in Arena. We HAD to get our picture with the mouse. I had my tripod since we had taken the “Hyde Mill in Fall” picture just before coming here.

arenasign2Arena Cheese_10-7-11


We went in and watched the cheese makers at work through the windows. Here they are making  cheese curds, a favorite Wisconsin snack. Here is a bag of curds made that very morning, fresh and squeaky!

curdsFinished curds


On July 9, 2012 we paid a visit to Rudolph, WI to Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Company. They have a covered eating area outside, the store also has an ice cream shop.


Dairy State Cheesecrop


They were salting a large vat of cheese when we arrived.

salting cheese

We went to the ice cream shop, a friendly place


The Master Cheesemaker Mike Moran came in and Al posed for a picture with him.  What an honor!

Mike Moran

We had a great time at both cheese places, come visit!