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2016 Waunakee Rotary in Lights


Welcome to Waunakee

Holiday Season sign at Waunakee Lights

We have not been here for awhile, our last visit was in 2011.   The Waunakee Rotary Club works hard to put up this fine display every year.  As you pass under the lighted archway, they hand you a booklet full of recipes and a candy cane and thanks you for stopping by.  They appreciate your donation to support the club and pay for the lights to put up next year.

Waunakee Lights hut img_2440


This year with our new mini-video camera we made a video of our drive through the park.

We also got closeups of the displays too. It was larger than 5 years ago.

They outdid themselves this year, we plan on returning next year!





Waunakee Rotary in Lights


In Waunakee, the Rotary Club puts up a light display in Waunakee Village Park. They are a real great group of people doing community service projects the whole year around.  This one is quite popular and draws in people from surrounding communities also. They are open 5-9 PM. Donations gratefully accepted!

Holiday Season sign at Waunakee Lights

Waunakee Lights Entrance

This Nativity scene is near the park entrance.

Nativity scene at Waunakee Rotary Lights

Just past the entrance.

Waunakee Rotary Lights sign

The club recorded a drive-through of the light displays.

They put a lot of work into this display every year, and each display is so pretty!

Light Christmas Tree

Train and Crossing at Waunakee Lights

Elf Light display at Waunakee Rotary Lights

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House at Waunakee Rotary Lights

We go by the gazebo as we exit the park. Thank you for coming, see you next year!


Waunakee is Where You Wauna Be!

7-18-13 and other visits

Welcome to Waunakee

Welcome to Waunakee!  The village was first known as Leicester , and was incorporated in 1893. Today its a large village of 12,000 that honors its past while building a strong future.  That included the train depot, lovingly restored to its former glory.

Waunakee Depot and Clock

The village had passenger train service until 1963, and was closed for good in 1971.  The village bought the depot from the railroad in 1977, it was restored and is now the Waunakee/Westport Chamber of Commerce.  The Canadian Pacific train still rides by the depot daily, and I was fortunate to be there when it did.

Waunakee Depot and train

Another historic building that is still in use is a former grist mill, now a quilting store called Mill House Quilts.  Six Mile Creek runs through the village.

Mill House Quilts

Walking downtown..


Downtown Waunakee

A great place to get meat is the Village Market.  Their hamburgers are especially good, locally sourced beef. The also make their own bratwurst.

The Village Market

Waunakee also has a big festival held the last weekend in July called Waunafest.  This is their biggest festival of the year and brings the community together as well as attracting many visitors.  They have a fun run, baseball games, a parade and lots more!  It’s held at Centennial Park.  It’s called that because it had a time capsule that was sealed for 100 years.

Centennial Park SignCentennial Park time Capsule

Living Flag

Living Flag

Waunafest Parade Agriculture Float

Waunafest Midway

The Christmas holiday season  is quite a visual treat as well.  The Waunakee Rotary Club decorates Waunakee Village Park on the East side of town with light displays every year.  Very pretty!  Waunakee Rotary in Lights is an annual tradition that is a must-see!

Waunakee Rotary Lights Tree

We hope you enjoyed your visit to Waunakee, the place you wauna be!

Waunakee BannerWaunakee Sign back