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Stoughton Historical Museum


Stoughton Historical Museum

We were in town  to celebrate Syttende Mai and found out their historical museum was also open. It was closed the other times we visited. This is the 2015 hours.Stoughton Historical Museum hours

 Historical markers on site.

Stoughton markerPlaque on Stoughton Historical museum

There are two floors to explore here, so many interesting artifacts. This is a bedroom display.

The Bedroom display at Stoughton Historical Museum

The Parlor

The Parlor at Stoughton Historical museum

The Kitchen

The Kitchen display at Stoughton Historical museum

 Some homes even had a Rosemaling room. Such a beautiful art form!

Rosemaling Room at Stoughton Historical Museum

A Schoolhouse 


An instrument we were familiar with since we saw it at the McFarland Larson House, the Psalmodicon.

Psalmodicon at Stoughton Historical Museum

Here is a display of native dresses, called bunads.

Norwegian Bunads

One of the best things we saw here, a 1925 fire truck!

Stoughton Fire Truck 1925

There is so much here to see, a great place to visit any Saturday between mid-May to Labor Day.