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Token Creek – Home of the Biggest Little July 4th Parade!

 10-13-17 and other visits

Token Creek is an unincorporated community that is part of the village of Windsor. The town of Burke also has some sections here as well. We are going explore Token Creek, past and present.

We had the pleasure of celebrating July 4th here in 2017, so much fun! They distill July 4th to the basics, honoring all veterans , joining family and community together for a day of fun. A favorite tradition is holding hands and singing along to Lee Greenwood’s famous song, God Bless the USA. They call it the “Circle of Freedom”. See it here.

Token Creek also has many businesses on Portage Road and Highway 19. A popular restaurant is on the corner of Hwy 19 and Portage Rd is the Paddle Inn.  We need to eat there sometime.

Turn right at the corner and you find several more.

Gentle Breezes Hot Air Balloons  has been giving you a ride to remember since 1990. Before that there was a different balloon company here called Token Creek Balloons, different ownership. At one time, the water tower near our home was painted with their logo. It now is blue and says “DeForest”.

Juke Box Bandstand provided great music at the Token Creek July 4th celebration. DJ Marc Lovicott did a great job keeping the crowd dancing as well as staging the entertainment and parade. If we needed a DJ service, I would choose them!

Store your stuff at Token Storage.

Take care of your pet at Token Creek Veterinary Clinic.

Back on Portage Rd, visit The Keg.

Next is the parks, Token Creek cares about the wildlife in the are and makes sure they have a place here too.  Token Creek itself is still a work in progress. Across 19 from Portage road is a sign about that.

Continue down the road and you will get to the Token Creek Conservancy, where the old grist mill used to be. 

At this pond behind the sign, only the disabled are allowed to fish here. Just beyond this sign is the Token Creek marker you see at the top of the page.


A little past here is more of the park and the cemetery where the Veteran’s Remembrance Ceremony was held on July 4th. First the bridge over the creek.

The mill used to be in this area, now a beautiful park. To the left of the parking lot is the cemetery.

Keep walking streight ahead through the parking lot and you will soon come upon a bridge over the creek. Also a plaque on a rock to the right of the bridge.

A man was fly fishing on this beautiful fall day.

A view of the cemetery.

Our last stop today will be Token Creek County Park.

Here you will find the other marker in Token Creek, near the park entrance.


You can camp here too.

Enjoy the pine forest with many mature trees.

I enjoyed my visits to Token Creek. To learn more about the community in the 19th and 20th centuries, I have a copy of this book, Token Creek by Mae Bork. The book is now out of print, but I found a copy here if you are interested.

Glenwood Children’s Park in Madison


Glenwood Childrens Park sign

Park plaque 1

Glenwood Park plaque 2

It’s hard to believe I have lived in Madison for 30 years and didn’t know about this park.  Not even my grandparents who lived not far from here when I was a kid.  This is a park of a natural sort, no equipment made by man, just made by Mother Nature.  This park was the last project designed  by Jens Jensen, who had a major influence in Door County.  We saw his museum there on Washington Island in 2011.  He also designed the famous “winding road” in Door County also, which we need to see sometime.

This park was once a quarry, now is a great area for kids to play, and plenty of climbing.  For many years the park fell into disrepair and neglect, but in recent years a major restoration has been taking place. I saw the results and was impressed!

Glenwood Childrens Park 1

Tree stump chairs

 Two tree stumps were carved into chairs on a hill, cool!  On top of another hill is a “Council Ring”  where groups can sit and talk around a fire.

Glenwood Park Council Ring

Here is a fun ravine with large sticks to build a fort out of!

Glenwood Park ravine

This is a great place for kids and adults alike, come here to relax in a natural environment that is easy to miss it is so secluded.  Even I missed it!

glenwood park sandstone

Marshall – A Village of Many Names

7-8-13 and 4-12-16

Marshall signWatertower

Welcome to Marshall bench

Marshall boundaries

Marshall is a village with an interesting history. All told it had had 4 names, finally becoming Marshall in 1859. It all began in 1837 when Andrew & Zenas Bird and Aaron Petrie eyed the Marshall area as a great place to settle down after working on building the state Capitol.  In 1838 the Bird’s place burned down and the first name was Bird’s Ruins for over a decade.  The other names were Hanchetville and Howard City before finally becoming Marshall, named after  Samuel Marshall.

We came to Marshall in 2016 because near this community is the darkest spot in Dane County for viewing the stars, the Milky Way core in particular.  We weren’t disappointed.  We did see it faintly and we will be back when we have a camera better suited for astrophotography. Here is our result. You can check the light pollution in your area here for star viewing.

Milky Way core outlined IMG_4421

We were near a farm and at dawn it really looked beautiful in siliouhette.

Dawn in the Country near Marshall

Marshall has 9 parks, and we visited three of them.

We started with Veterans Memorial Park on the west side of town.  The village’s historical Bandstand from the late 1800’s is here also. The memorial was completed in 2008.


Next we headed to Lion’s Park.  The Lion’s Club maintains these grounds and many community festivals are held here.  The next one is the Riverfest on August 10.  This park has a beautiful Rain Garden and is on the Maunasha River,  the same river that runs through nearby Waterloo.  The river also helps grind product for feed for Blaschka Mill,  visible from the park across the road. On our return visit in 2016, we saw a new feature, a carved lion! Also a Free Little Library.

IMG_0660Marshall Lion at Lions ParkFree Little Library in Marshall

Lions Park

The view was just as pretty at dawn on our 2016 visit.

Blashka Mill IMG_4465

We were just leaving the park when I saw an animal crossing the busy highway,  a Snapping Turtle!  We RAN over to the road, Al tried to pick up the turtle, it nearly bit him! A large truck was coming and Al held up his hand to stop traffic.  Someone from one of the stopped vehicles was able to help, he picked up the turtle by the tail and dropped him into the river.  That turtle didn’t look real happy. At least his life was saved, our good deed for the day.

Stop traffic

Turtle crossingCaught turtleTurtle closeup

After that heart-stopping  moment, our next stop was Blaschka Milling Co., one of the oldest working grist mills in Wisconsin.  The history of this mill goes back to the early days of the village to grind the wheat, oats and other grain brought in by local farmers.  The mill towers over the river.


Blaschka Mill no lines brighter

Owner Pat Wells was there that morning,  she is partner with her brother Bill Blashka.  They love to talk to their customers and were happy to pose for a picture with us. We took this in the office, still heated by a pot-bellied stove in the winter.

Bill Blashka and Pat Wells

They sell lots of products geared toward sustaining livestock.    There wasn’t anything grinding when we arrived, but were happy to let us look around.


If you need anything, give them a call at (608) 655-3444.  Their hours are 8:30-12 /1-5  Monday-Friday.   9-12 Saturday,   Sunday closed.  Thanks for your kind hospitality Pat and Bill!

After visiting the mill we explored downtown. There are many businesses to serve you here.  The first one you see from the mill is a Subway sandwich shop.  In the same building is Greenline Construction and Remodeling.

Subway and Greenline Construction and Remodeling in Marshall

The next business is Steven’s Rocks and Gifts. He has served Marshall for 55 years now!

Steve's Rocks and Gifts in Marshalll

Across the street is Hansen Village Gifts.

Marshall Mercantile store

Next door is the Marshall Pub.

Marshall Pub

Across the street is The Cut Above hair salon and they also do nails. Below are business hours.

The Cut Above hair salon in Marshall

The Cut Above business hours

Next on this side is the Marshall Area Historical Society Museum.

Marshall Area Historical Society Museum

Next is the Silver Fox Bar and Grill, great place to watch Packer  and Brewer games with your friends.

Silver Fox Bar and Grill

Rounding out the businesses on West Main are Nuelk’s Garage.

Nuelks Garage in Marshall

This building is currently not occupied but it catches the eye.



This was a former American Legion building, now a private home.

American Legion Post 279 in Marshall

Tom’s Guns and Custom Woodworking is more than a gun dealer.  He can also help you with making you a quality deer stand or any wood project you need.  You can also drop off your dry-cleaning here for Lake Mills Cleaners and Dyers, Inc.

Tom's Guns and Custom Woodworking in Marshall

Toms Guns Deer Stand

On the other side is Akido of Marshall, Shear Magic Hair Design and PEAK Garage Doors.

PEAK Garage Doors, Shear Hair Designs and Akido Marshall

Marshall even has an Ace Hardware store, very friendly staff. Stop in if you need something.  The store also rents U-Haul trucks.

Marshall Ace Hardware

The Farmers and Merchants State Bank is also home to the Marshall Visitor Center to get information on the area.

Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Marshall

The Marshall Old Town Office Building on 301 W. Main with it’s clock keeps people on time downtown. Building is for sale.

Marshall Old Town Office Building

In April  2016 after our star viewing we enjoyed breakfast at the Marshall Café and Restaurant. Breakfast was delicious and we will definitely be back again.  The restaurant is located in Marshall Square Mall at the western end of Main St. There is also a Kwik Trip across the street.

Marshall Cafe and Restaurant

Marshall Square Mall

Kwik Trip in Marshall

   Fireman’s Park is a great park with many facilities for groups large and small.  This park is by the river with lots of shore for fishing and water sports.  Also a great playground for kids.  Since no kids were around at the time,  we had some fun!  Al hammed it up at the other end of a tube slide.



Marshall is really a great place for kids.  This park also has a baseball diamond.

There also is a skateboard park across from the library called Deerhaven.  Also BMX  racing. Visit the Marshall Community Library too.

Marshall Skateboard Park

Marshall Public Library

On the east side of town is Little Amerricka, a seasonal permanent amusement park.


We sure had a lot of excitement in Marshall, visitors are welcome here!

Train track Vignette