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Natural Bridge State Park


Natural Bridge State Park demonstrates part of the unique geology of the area near Devil’s Lake.  It is really beautiful and well worth the visit if you are in the area.

Natural Bridge State Park sign

 Natural Bridge State Park location

The trek to the bridge begins on the Indian Moccasin Trail, with an informative sign at the trail head.

Indian Moccasin Trail sign

It was a foggy and rainy day, but still warm enough. It added a bit of mystery on the trail. The fall colors were beautiful!

Indian Moccasin Trail

mushroomFall color

Then, the bridge emerges from the mist.  It began raining, I took shelter under an overhang across from the bridge.

Natural Bridge

Some information about the bridge.

Natural bridge history

I am glad this natural bridge was preserved for people to see it today.  Wisconsin has been settled for a long time and its exciting to discover evidence of pre-European civilizations here.

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