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26th Annual National Mustard Day in Middleton


2016-Mustard Day poster

The last time we were able to attend the Mustard festival was in 2013.  The festival always begins with the National Mustard Museum‘s Curator Barry Levenson kicks off the event with mustard songs and thanking the many sponsors.

Barry Levenson and Madison Accordion band

Here are the words to the songs, audience participation highly encouraged!


The music is played by the Madison Accordion Band, dubbed the POUPON U Accordion Band during the festival.

vi-bergum in Madison Accordion

The Duchess of Mustard is the star of the show! Everyone wanted pictures with her.  She makes her own special hats, quite the talent!  She can also yodel and did so for the growing audience.

After the opening ceremony we mingled with the crowd and took in the sights.

Mustard Festival Crowd

Get your picture with the French’s Mustard bottle or the Culver’s mascot Scoopie! We posed with Scoopie in 2013, not this year.


Scoopie and us 8-3-13

Culver’s also had a mustard custard made special just for this festival.


The Weinermobile was also there for selfies, since Oscar Mayer provided the hot dogs for sale.

Weinermobile at Mustard Festival

Love the beer mug hats this couple is wearing.


Of course we had to stop inside the mustard Museum itself and look at the mustards on display.  Very impressive!

National Mustard Museum in Middleton

National Mustard Museum display

Got Mustard Statue in Mustard Museum

The museum sells about 400 mustards and ALL are available for tasting before buying. How else would you know if you like it!

Mustard Tasting

There was even a movie theater downstairs showing mustard videos.

Mustard Theater at Mustard Museum

After the museum  I stopped by the souvenir tent. Even after the event, you can still pick up many of these items in the museum.

Souvenir tend at Mustard Festival

Enjoy the music entertainment at the festival, the Madison Accordion band and the Red Hot Horn Dawgs.

Lots of fun games too for both kids and adults.  Feed the Curator is tossing mustard packets into the mouth of Barry Levenson and win a bottle of mustard!

Feed the Curator game


Another great day at the National Mustard Day festival.


National Mustard Day Festival in Middleton

8-3-13  or first Saturday of August

I have not been to this festival in four years so I was real happy that this year it worked out. Barry Levenson is the owner and curator of the National Mustard Museum in Middleton.  This is his moment to shine, he is very excited during the festival and it shows when he mixes and mingles with the crowd.

At 9:30 the event kicks off with the Accordion Band, headed by the Duchess of Mustard, who also yodeled for the crowd.

Accordion Band

Soon Barry arrives to kick off the festival and to thanks his sponsors.

Barry Levenson 8-3-13

He even took a picture with us a little later. What an honor!  We had many pictures taken with the many mascots wandering about.

Barry Levenson and us 8-3-13French's Mustard Mascot 8-3-13

Scoopie and us 8-3-13Duchess de Mustard and us

It was time for lunch! Hot dogs were offered for free, $1 donation encouraged for each hot dog.  Merchandise was for sale also, and lots of it.  Culver’s  was there selling their famous Mustard Custard, made and sold ONLY at this festival.  Its an interesting taste.

Mustard Custard

It was quite busy inside the museum and store as well, for some people their first time going there.

National Mustard Museum

They also offer mustard tasting so you can pick the perfect mustard 🙂

Mustard Tasting

The museum is downstairs. The collection is over 5000 mustards and mustard pots, used to keep a personal supply of mustard with you at the dinner table.


We were entertained by two wonderful groups. The first one was the Red Hot Horn Dawgs. They got everyone going playing popular classic rock songs.

RedHotHornDawgs logoRed Hot Horn Dawgs

Next up was Harmonious Wail.  Their genre is Gypsy swing, a combination that  works better than you would think!


While I was taking pictures of the group, a Photographer from the Capital Times took my picture in turn.  It was up on their website today!

Photo by Michelle Stocker, Capital Times, Madison.

Photo by Michelle Stocker, Capital Times, Madison.

This was the best Mustard Fest ever, we highly recommend going if you love mustard!

Weinermobile and us as hot dogs