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Fennimore Railroad Historical Society Museum


Fennimore Railroad Museum

This delightful museum is rich with the history of Fennimore Railroad lore.

The Dinky Historical Marker

The Dinky Train is proudly displayed !

Narrow-Gauge Steam Locomotive

The historical society members running the museum  were happy to take their picture with us. Such nice people!  His name is Gerald Rossing, a retired contractor in Fennimore who now devotes time to the museum, along with his wife.  After a few more customers came in, Gerald took us all for a train ride, $1 each.

Gerald and Marian Rossing and Us

Fennimore Train ride

All Aboard!

After our ride we further explored the other exhibits.

Fennimore Railroad Museum Water Tower

Northwestern Railroad Maintenance Car

Train Shed

We had a wonderful time here, bring the kids if you have them. If not, BE a kid like us 🙂  There was even a train for kids to play in and on.Kid's Play Train

We headed for home, on the way we passed another artifact of the steam Train era in Montfort.  It was a Coal Tower.  It used to hold coal to refuel the steam  trains, perhaps even the very Dinky train we just saw. Kind of haunting in apearance.

Montfort Wisconsin Sign

Railroad Coal Tower

We had a good trip and plan on returning soon as possible.