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2015-Janesville Rotary Botanical Garden’s Holiday Light Show


Holiday Light Show poster

For many years we have been wanting to see the Janesville Rotary Botanical Gardens for their BIG Holiday Light Show.  We arrived by 3:18 to get a parking spot, we know the lot would fill up fast. Thankfully, the weather was warm. The price for adults is $5, children age 3 and up.

Rotary Gardens sign IMG_9266

The gardens have a sculpture dedicated to World Peace near the entry.

World Peace Sculpture at Rotary Gardens

It was now 4:00, time to go in. The crowd was quite thick by this point and we were near the front of the line.  Beautiful tree inside, one of their “selfie stops”. There were many scattered throughout the walk, in the video is a picture frame stop.

Christmas Tree selfie stop IMG_9329

The first attraction was inside the building, a model train display.

Also music by local musicians. We listened for a bit before dark before going out to see the lights.

Musician at Janesville IMG_9333

It’s time!  This is the biggest light show that I know of in Wisconsin with 370,000 lights. Our jaws dropped.  We began the walk at 4:26 PM and didn’t get back to the beginning until 6:07 PM. The luminaries lighting the edge of the path are 1/2 gallon milk jugs, very creative! It’s a 20-acre garden, and lights of all colors were everywhere! We got back to our starting point just 15 minutes before the rain began!

The beginning of our walk with the last remaining light fading from the sky.

Beginning Rotary Walk IMG_9342

Some photo highlights of the garden.

Blue Archway IMG_9413

Rotary Garden gazebo IMG_9435

Look back towards bridge.

Gazebo and bridge IMG_9446

The photo does not do this justice, this view was especially breathtaking.

Rotary Pond IMG_9396 brighter

Mother Mary

Mother Mary IMG_9493

Also a Santa House, Santa was an animated figure (see video).

Santa House IMG_9507

Santa and Mrs. Claus IMG_9510

For your viewing pleasure, join us on our walk through this amazing garden of light.


Be sure to check out the gift shop to get the perfect gift.

Gift Shop IMG_9328


IMG_9469 Selfie

We had an amazing evening here and hope you get the chance to see this great event for yourself.