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Greek Fest in Madison

4th Saturday in July

Greek Assumption Church Madison

This festival is one we get to nearly every year.  It is incredibly fun, with great music and yummy Greek food.  Its held at the Greek Assumption Orthodox Church in Madison. The music is live, performed by Pericles since 2010.

Pericles Productions

Above are people dancing to the theme of, “Zorba the Greek” this year.  My sister-in-law is a member of this church and works hard as a volunteer at the festival.  Here she is posing with me.


A great many treats are offered downstairs, lets go!

Madison Greek Assumption Church downstairs

Greek Fest Treats menu

Enjoy some rich Greek coffee after your delicious meal, served by a couple of friendly ladies.

Greek Coffee

Come here for a great time with your neighbors in Madison. A little bit of Greece and a great summer celebration. Opa!


Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison

9-17-10  1:00 PM

Monona Terrace from water

The Monona Terrace was completed in 1997 after MANY years of the city debating whether to build it or not. It was originally proposed in 1938. They finally did, but at the expense of the mural that is at street level going under the building.  The building is based on a Frank Lloyd Wright design.   The tour began at 1:00, and I was the only person that day. It began at the gift shop. In 2015 it is $5 for a tour.


We went down to the large room where the indoor winter farmers market is held, along with other large events. Here is the room on a different day with an event going on. Its huge!


My guide showed me the Ballroom, appearing even larger due to it being currently empty.

Tour 9

The large windows are part of a room often used for wedding receptions. This one is on the lower level.


Tour 3

The upper level houses a similar room, but larger.

I also saw the auditorium where the radio show, “Whad’ Ya Know?” is broadcast LIVE on Saturdays.

Tour 2

We ended the tour on top of the huge patio overlooking Lake Monona. You can have lunch at the Grandview Cafe, open during the warmer months.

Tour 18

I had a very enjoyable tour of both the Capitol and the Monona Terrace that day.

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