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2nd Annual Wisconsin Cheese Curdfest


Curdfest sign

Curdfest took place the same day as Ride the Drive and on our way back home and it looked like a lot of fun. It took place at the Madison Mallard’s baseball team stadium. Cheese is big business in Wisconsin and cheese curds are a favorite snack. This festival serves cheese curds from MANY businesses and you have the chance to vote for your favorite!

Cheese Curd ballot

There was quite a crowd when we arrived, we realized it would be the last time inside these gates until our first game next summer. We got in line at the Curd Girl food cart. This was the only cart we stopped at and cash was low. We made a good choice though, they were delicious!

Curdfest Curd Girlfood cart

Fried Cheese Curds at Curdfest

There was so much more to see, a petting zoo for the kids drew a crowd. The animals were so cute!

Petting Zoo Collage


We also had music by the Hometown Sweethearts as a great background to all the fun.

Hometown Sweethearts band at Curdfest


For a great time and great curds, come to Curdfest!

Curdfest at Madison Mallards in Madison

Play Ball! The Madison Mallards Collegiate Baseball Team Offers Summer Fun!

IMG_1793Welcome to the Duck Pond sign

Many Visits 2007 to the present

Madison is lucky enough to have a minor league baseball team, and a popular one at that.  They are called the Madison Mallards and the head mascot is Maynard G. Mallard.  We get to at least one or two games a year.  In 2015 and 16 and 17 we got the 7-Game Ticket Package which included a brat/burger before the game.  Some days you will find a petting zoo outside the gates.

Petting Zoo at Mallards

New for 2015, the Maynard Zip Line. $3.00 for two times. Here are a couple kids having fun.

Mallard Zip Line

Every home game begins with the National Anthem, then Maynard going down the zip line.

Due to the team’s success, they had money for extensive renovations and spared no expense to make the game fun for attendees of all ages.  They won the Northwoods League Championships in 2013, way to go!  Also made it to the Championships in 2015! They made it to the first playoff game in 2016, which we attended.  They didn’t win but they had their best season ever, an average of 6,500 fans coming to each game.We are glad to have been a part of it!

Mallards seating

Before the game begins, they have a “First Pitch”. This is when a person from a featured group(s) of the night get to pitch the ball, then they receive the ball as a memento. Al had the honor of participating in this on 6-28-2014.  He represented the Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin.

Sometimes they have guest celebrities. In June 2015  Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Road Warrior Animal made an appearance.  Learn more about how wrestlers train on this great site, Sports Fitness Advisor. There were many fans waiting in line for a photo and autograph.

6-27-15 Mallard Wrestling night

There is something new for the fans every year. In 2015 was the debut of the Pizza Bus. Inside is a wood fire oven to cook your pizza to perfection. Yum!

Mallard Pizza Bus

The Mallards also produce a series of bobbleheads each year, these are from 2016.  We attended the playoff game in 2016 and managed to pick up Maynard in the pizza bus and Dancing Rick, part of the entertainment at many games the last 2 years. In 2017 at a sale I picked up the Big Dog bobblehead.


Many fun rituals are part of the atmosphere at a Mallards game. Concession people go through the stands selling beer and snacks to the fans.  One guy was especially memorable in reciting his offering in 2010.  The last item on his list was beef sticks.  When he said that, everyone around him said it too, funny! See for yourself, the “Beef Stick Guy”.

 Here are more funny concession guys that we saw in 2014 and 15. Here they are like ducks in a row before a game. The one on the right hawks beer and is so funny!

Concession guysTom Hawking Beer

Another ritual is the singing of “Sweet Caroline” in the stands near the end of the game.

We always have a good time when we go and sometimes catch special moments of fans near us.  The girl just caught the ball and gave her aunt a high 5.

Caught the Baseball!

You never know what you are going to see there, they have lots of little breaks to amuse the kids. Once they paraded out a pig, in honor of all the bacon offerings on the Mallard’s food menu.

Pig at Mallards baseball gameBacon Food Stand Madison Mallards

On July 9, 2016, hilarity ensued when these inflated characters entertained the audience with skits and dancing.

Kids don’t have all the fun here, here are most of the games played during game breaks by the adults.  All were from 8-4-15.

In this game, the kids run with fruit costumes on. Funny!

Healthy Break Race

Of course, the game itself is fun to watch. Many games continue until night, even with summer’s long days.

Mallards Baseball at night

Sometimes, the games even conclude with fireworks.

Mallard fireworks

Take a good look at the Duck Blind, because it is going to be renovated for the 2017 season. Here it is in 2009.

 Here it is now.


If you love baseball or just a fun night out in the summer, coming to a Madison Mallards baseball game is economical and fun for the whole family!

Al and Laurie

Mallards Game selfie American family original

Thank You Mallard Fans

The sun sets on another great Mallards season, see you next year!

Sunset at Mallards


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Lodi – Susie the Duck Day

2nd Saturday in August


My husband and I love going to local community festivals, and one of my favorites is Susie the Duck Day in Lodi, WI.    Last year, the TV show “Discover Wisconsin” came to record the event, It aired April 6, 2013. Watch it here!

It is a great community festival honoring a female mallard that nested in the town’s masonry basket in Spring Creek in the 1940’s.

The story of Susie is on this sign:


The big parade is at noon, Then the duck drop in Spring Creek.  Many wonderful floats and enthusiasm for Susie Day. Just before the parade a man dressed in 1776 attire passes out American flags.  Lodi is a very patriotic town.

Passing out American Flag

Lodi Soon to be Famous Band

Vi Bergum Lodi parade

Here is Susie and Maynard G. Mallard of the Madison Mallards riding in a big cart.

Susie and Maynard crop

People buy ducks to win prizes, $5 for one.

Duck drop

Duck drop by Emmy Fink and Susie-2012

Susie and I

Susie and I

People watch the ducks float down the creek, cheering them on.  This is Spring Creek Park.

Lodi-Spring Creek Park

This is the famous masonry basket in Spring Creek downtown. Ducks are floating by.

Lodi Masonry Basket

The finish line at Goeres Park, as well as the other festivities.

Goeres Park in Lodi, WI

Duck derby finish lineWaiting for ducks to arrive at the finish line.

Waiting for ducks to arrive at the finish line. Meanwhile,  there is lots of food and fun to be had. Also a classic car show.

Susie the Duck Day vendors

Rides were given in the pumpkin carriage and the big shopping cart.

Pumpkin Carriage

Model A car

We hope you enjoyed your day in Lodi, Susie hopes you will come back next year!

tiny duck