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Monroe – We Bring You Back

Monroe sign


At long last, we made it to Monroe.  It’s located in Green County, the heart of cheese-making country.  Appropriately, our first stop was the National Historic Cheesemaking Center, the ONLY one in the country. We enjoyed a tour of the museum, formerly a train depot where they shipped cheese all over the country.

National Historic Cheesemaking Center in Monroe  Cheesemaking

We learned the many steps involved in making cheese and the equipment used.  We then went to the Imobersteg Cheese Factory

outside to see the working cheesemaking equipment. Many farms had such a building on site since they had no way to keep the milk cold before processing. On the 2nd Saturday in June they have a cheesemaking festival to show people how cheese is made. when it’s done, we can taste it!  We hope to go next year.

Imobersteg Farmstead Cheese Factory

Cheesemaking equipment

There was a caboose outside too, and the docent let us go inside.

Caboose 992094

Inside caboose

We had a great time here, but we were hungry!  On the recommendation of the fine guides here, we went to the Baumgartner’s Cheese Store and Tavern downtown.  They are quite the busy place, and one of the only places you can get Limburger cheese.  We couldn’t resist a picture with the character outside 🙂 Their menu is simple but good. Great grilled cheese and chili on a cool fall day.

Baumgartner's in Monroe

Us at Baumgartner'sBaumgartner menu

After lunch, we went to the historic courthouse. They have a self-guided tour on the 2nd floor, and a history room.

Monroe Courthouse

You can also put on a judge’s robe and pretend to be a judge, a great photo-op!

Judge Laurie

We had a great visiting Monroe, we will be back many more times for their festivals and events throughout the year!

Downtown Monroe