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Algoma-Home of the Red Lighthouse

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On 8-30-12 We visited the beautiful Wisconsin Harbor Town of Algoma.  We were making our 2nd visit of the summer to the Manitowoc area last summer and we came here in the morning to explore before going to Green Bay for the last pre-season Packer game (next post!).  We arrived at about 8:30 and left by 12:40.  The visitor center is really beautiful, built into the side on a hill overlooking Lake Michigan.

Algoma Visitor Center


On the other side of the center is a boardwalk alongside the beach. Very nice!  We found out there have been settlements here for thousands of years.

People 939

Farms and Forests 922

Maritime history 952

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Lakeshore 965

We reach the end of the boardwalk and got closer to the lighthouse.

8-29 995

8-29 973

I got some good views, but found out you really need to be there in the afternoon to bring out the red color. I discovered that just before we left for Green Bay.

Lighthouse MorningLighthouse Afternoon

We went to the marina near the lighthouse and found the view I discovered on a webcam a few weeks earlier. Also discovered more signs,they taught us a lot about Algoma.

Webcamview 1158

Lots to see here in Algoma.

8-29 1122

8-29 1171

8-29 1175

8-29 1177

It was just as charming downtown.

8-29 958

8-29 1352

A restaurant with a model of the lighthouse outside.

8-29 1201


8-29 1258

8-29 1364

And pirates!


We had a great time here. When we got back to the visitor’s center, I bought a 2013 calendar to remember our visit all 2013.