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Don’t Go Half-Way to Brodhead

Brodhead sign


Brodhead is a picturesque community in Green County with much to see.  The Sugar River Trail is here also, the southern trailhead. It’s 22 miles long, going all the way to New Glarus. We began our explorations downtown, the town has a square with gazebo and picnic tables. Its called, “Tinker’s Garden.” Here is where many festivals take place, Brodhead downtown Tinker's Garden in BrodheadTinkers Garden plaque Gazebo in Brodhead, WI Across the street in a building is a mural paying homage to the railroad and depot in Brodhead. Brodhead mural We could see the restored depot from here. Inside is the museum and an engine and caboose you could go in. Unfortunately, it was closed for the season. Maybe we can get back here in the spring when it re-opens.  The Brodhead Historical Society does good work here.Brodhead Depot


adjacent to the depot is the Veterans Memorial Park, in the center is a tall Civil War Monument.

Brodhead Civil War Memorial

After exploring downtown for a while, we headed to points just outside. Stopped by Decatur Dairy for a grilled cheese sandwich and some cheese curds. We were too late for a tour but we will go back.

Decatur Dairy in Brodhead

They even had a “cheese tree” totem pole outside, cool!

Cheese TreeAl and Laurie at Decatur Dairy in Brodhead

Speaking of tree, Brodhead also has a historic living tree called the Half-Way Tree. Indian runners used it as a marker because it was half-way between the Mississippi River and Lake Michigan.

Half-Way Tree sign

Half-Way Tree Burr Oak

It’s harvest time, and that includes APPLES!  Our next stop was nearby Ten Eyck Orchard for some locally grown apples and cider. The historic round barn with the apple barn quilt are this farm’s most distinctive features. We bought some Empire apples, delicious!

Ten Eyck Orchard Round Barn

Ten Eyck Barn Quilt


Al and Laurie at Ten Eyck Orchard

It was time to head back north towards Madison. On the way, we walked a bit on the Sugar River trail to see the famous Clarence covered bridge replica, completed in 1984.

Clarence covered Bridge in Brodhead

Come all the way to Brodhead, it’s well worth the visit!

Surf and Turf in Milwaukee

5-16-13 0930 AM

Wisconsin’s largest city is not only known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and cultural attractions like the Milwaukee Art Museum, it’s also known for beautiful and parks and its maritime heritage.  Milwaukee is also Wisconsin’s largest Harbor Town.

Al and I explored this aspect of Milwaukee Thursday when we paid a visit to the S/V Denis Sullivan docked at Discovery World, it’s home port.

Discovery World 2

The crew were getting the schooner ready for the summer season beginning May 25. A new main mast had just been installed and final adjustments being made.  We chatted with them a few minutes. In fact, she was given a shakedown cruise within the breakwall that very morning while we were walking on the Lakeshore State Park path along the lake.

Denis Sullivan shakedown cruise

A little history on the pier in this area. We did the loop of the “island” joined to the mainland by a bridge. after I crossed I saw the Denis Sullivan sailing.  We also saw the red and white lighthouses from there.

Cargo Pier 2Lakeshore path

bridgewhite lighthousered lighthouse 2

From our parking spot we had a great view of the Art Museum.

1125 Wings up 2

After our walk we were hungry so went to the Milwaukee Ale House for lunch. It was 11:25.  It’s located in the Historic 3rd Ward. Quite the striking red brick building.

Ale House

The views were just as great on the patio, it is alongside the Milwaukee River and the restaurant has 6 slips available for people boating in. The Milwaukee Boat Line gives tours along the waterways of the city. One of their boats, the Vista King  went right by our window while we had lunch.

Vista King

After lunch we headed to South Milwaukee to visit Grant Park. Quite beautiful there, and plenty of wildlife, especially fat raccoons looking for food.  There are seven bridges and steps leading down a deep ravine with a creek running through. It led to access to a beach on Lake Michigan. Very beautiful!

Grant parkraccoon

ravineLake Michigan outlet


It was a great spring day with perfect weather and lots of fun!


Two Rivers – Wisconsin Harbor Town

Many visits

Two Rivers Water tower picture

Two Rivers sign

We really enjoy traveling by the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin, and visiting the towns and cities that are located along it.  Seven miles north of Manitowoc is Two Rivers, a town with an active, vibrant community.  We have made several visits there, all in the summer.  The town has much to offer.  Rogers Street Fishing Village is very picturesque, especially when sunset approaches.  They charge a small admission to go within the building and structures, that’s to maintain it.

Rogers Street Fishing Village in Two Rivers


Two Rivers is also known for inventing the ice cream sundae. You can get one at The Washington House downtown.  Historic artifacts are kept in this building. But first, lets get some ice cream!

Washington House in Two RiversWashington House side Two Rivers

Washington House Berners Ice Cream Two RiversBerners sign Washington House Two Rivers

Us and Berners Washington House in Two RiversTwo Rivers Washington House mug


Red Bank Coffee is another popular place to relax.  Schroeder’s Department Store is in the same historic building.  We had dinner at Kurtz’s Pub and Deli in 2014. They have been open since 1904, 110 years. Now the third-generation is giving Two Rivers a place to unwind.

Red Bank Coffee House and Schroeder's Dept. Store


Kurtze's Pub and Deli in Two Rivers

We were back on August 19, 2016 and enjoyed lunch at a new restaurant called Schwarz’s Pub and Grill.  It’s a former band, the vault is now used to store wine!

Schwarz's Pub and Grill in Two Rivers

It’s also fun to go to the boat launch area. To the left is the Coast Guard station. We saw a boat full of scuba divers come back to port after a day of diving.

6-30 1116Diveboat

We enjoyed the view from the lookout tower there.

6-30 1132

We also happened to be there during their Cool City Classic Car Show at the end of June.  325 cars were on display. Their media happened to get a pic of me in center of pic below.  Here are just a few of the cool cars there.

6-30 1373Me at show

6-30 8426-30 830

6-30 8326-30 1022

Two Rivers also has a Municipal Band that performs in the summer. We watched them on August 7, 2014. You can too!

Two rivers Municipal Band 8-7-14

Lastly, we will visit Rawley Point Lighthouse about 7 miles north of Two Rivers in the Point Beach State Forest. It was so beautiful!

6-30 1452 6-30 1467

Rawley Point Lighthouse in Two Rivers

Rawley Point Beach

The beach was beautiful too. What a fun visit to Two Rivers!

Algoma-Home of the Red Lighthouse

8-29 880Algoma banner8-29 1324

On 8-30-12 We visited the beautiful Wisconsin Harbor Town of Algoma.  We were making our 2nd visit of the summer to the Manitowoc area last summer and we came here in the morning to explore before going to Green Bay for the last pre-season Packer game (next post!).  We arrived at about 8:30 and left by 12:40.  The visitor center is really beautiful, built into the side on a hill overlooking Lake Michigan.

Algoma Visitor Center


On the other side of the center is a boardwalk alongside the beach. Very nice!  We found out there have been settlements here for thousands of years.

People 939

Farms and Forests 922

Maritime history 952

8-29 979

Lakeshore 965

We reach the end of the boardwalk and got closer to the lighthouse.

8-29 995

8-29 973

I got some good views, but found out you really need to be there in the afternoon to bring out the red color. I discovered that just before we left for Green Bay.

Lighthouse MorningLighthouse Afternoon

We went to the marina near the lighthouse and found the view I discovered on a webcam a few weeks earlier. Also discovered more signs,they taught us a lot about Algoma.

Webcamview 1158

Lots to see here in Algoma.

8-29 1122

8-29 1171

8-29 1175

8-29 1177

It was just as charming downtown.

8-29 958

8-29 1352

A restaurant with a model of the lighthouse outside.

8-29 1201


8-29 1258

8-29 1364

And pirates!


We had a great time here. When we got back to the visitor’s center, I bought a 2013 calendar to remember our visit all 2013.