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Token Creek – Home of the Biggest Little July 4th Parade!

 10-13-17 and other visits

Token Creek is an unincorporated community that is part of the village of Windsor. The town of Burke also has some sections here as well. We are going explore Token Creek, past and present.

We had the pleasure of celebrating July 4th here in 2017, so much fun! They distill July 4th to the basics, honoring all veterans , joining family and community together for a day of fun. A favorite tradition is holding hands and singing along to Lee Greenwood’s famous song, God Bless the USA. They call it the “Circle of Freedom”. See it here.

Token Creek also has many businesses on Portage Road and Highway 19. A popular restaurant is on the corner of Hwy 19 and Portage Rd is the Paddle Inn.  We need to eat there sometime.

Turn right at the corner and you find several more.

Gentle Breezes Hot Air Balloons  has been giving you a ride to remember since 1990. Before that there was a different balloon company here called Token Creek Balloons, different ownership. At one time, the water tower near our home was painted with their logo. It now is blue and says “DeForest”.

Juke Box Bandstand provided great music at the Token Creek July 4th celebration. DJ Marc Lovicott did a great job keeping the crowd dancing as well as staging the entertainment and parade. If we needed a DJ service, I would choose them!

Store your stuff at Token Storage.

Take care of your pet at Token Creek Veterinary Clinic.

Back on Portage Rd, visit The Keg.

Next is the parks, Token Creek cares about the wildlife in the are and makes sure they have a place here too.  Token Creek itself is still a work in progress. Across 19 from Portage road is a sign about that.

Continue down the road and you will get to the Token Creek Conservancy, where the old grist mill used to be. 

At this pond behind the sign, only the disabled are allowed to fish here. Just beyond this sign is the Token Creek marker you see at the top of the page.


A little past here is more of the park and the cemetery where the Veteran’s Remembrance Ceremony was held on July 4th. First the bridge over the creek.

The mill used to be in this area, now a beautiful park. To the left of the parking lot is the cemetery.

Keep walking streight ahead through the parking lot and you will soon come upon a bridge over the creek. Also a plaque on a rock to the right of the bridge.

A man was fly fishing on this beautiful fall day.

A view of the cemetery.

Our last stop today will be Token Creek County Park.

Here you will find the other marker in Token Creek, near the park entrance.


You can camp here too.

Enjoy the pine forest with many mature trees.

I enjoyed my visits to Token Creek. To learn more about the community in the 19th and 20th centuries, I have a copy of this book, Token Creek by Mae Bork. The book is now out of print, but I found a copy here if you are interested.

Token Creek July 4th Celebration



We have gone to many different communities to celebrate Independence Day, but it was a first for Token Creek.  It is an unincorporated community   located in the town of Windsor. It may be small, but they do July 4th differently, their focus is on honoring Veterans.

The morning began with a Veteran’s Remembrance Ceremony which we attended. Here are the acknowledgements. It was a fitting tribute to the reason we were celebrating to begin with.

See the ceremony below.

After the ceremony we returned downtown where the festivities were just getting started.  We were lucky enough to set up across from the center of the action, the parade central area set up by Juke Box Bandstand, hosted by Marc Lovicott.

They are a professional DJ service that work at weddings and community events, providing music where you want it! They did a fantastic job all day. I was especially impressed by how they had songs cued up for each entrant in the parade, I never heard that before. Each group had to provide their own music at other parades we have been to.

Before the parade at 1:00, we visited the stands set up, the Token Creek Lions Club at the center of it all. This amazing group does so much for the community. They provided lunch with a Brat Fry, yum!

Also a raffle with great prizes!

For dessert we enjoyed Kettle Korn by Matty. She donated $1 back to the Lions Club for every bag sold, it was delicious!

The games were about to begin, let’s join in the fun! Children decorated their bikes for the parade.

Next was the hula hoop competition. Then a game I never saw before. Pass the water balloon via toilet plunger backwards to a waiting strainer to catch it in the back.  They did a good job! Also some dancing before and after the parade. See all this below.

Parade time is here!  We begin with the Presentation of Colors, something I participated in as a Girl Scout.  Afterwards, the entire audience participates in a unique tradition called “The Circle of Freedom”.  Everyone holds hands and we all sing along with Lee Greenwood’s song called, “God Bless the USA“. It was a very touching experience, this July 4th celebration managed to capture the unity we felt right after 9-11-01. The parade began right after that. See all here.

Not surprisingly our good friend Vi was in the parade. No parade is complete without her. She has the best outfits and biggest American spirit!

We had the best July 4th ever and hope to return next year! This event requires volunteers to keep it running, also donations.

Now for a little humor, the Circle of Freedom reminded me a lot of how the Whos in Whoville sang around the Christmas tree in How the Grinch stole Christmas.  I put this concept to life and you will see what I mean.

We had fun, if we can go we will volunteer too next time.


DeForest July 4th Celebration 2016


DeForest Wisconsin sign

Deforest July 4 Schedule

It has been awhile since we had a chance to celebrate Independence Day in DeForest, so we decided to go there. The parade began at 10:30 AM, we got there not long before so seating was scarce.  We found a space on a hill at the school. It was a pretty good vantage point above people’s heads. Here is a video of excerpts from the parade.

Our friend Vi Bergum was in the parade. she moves fast for an 85-year-old!

Vi Bergum in DeForest July 4 parade

The Madison Pipes and Drums always get a lot of cheers! A parade isn’t complete without bagpipes!Madison Pipes and Drums in DeForest parade

Here is a big monster.

John Deere Tractor monster

Read to Honey the Golden Retriever, a Reading Education Assistance Dog.

Read to Honey the Golden Retiever

The Prairie Thunder Cloggers are quite coordinated to be able to dance on a moving truck.

Prairie Thunder Cloggers

The Golden Triangle Drifters Snowmobile Club and their board.

Golden triangle Drifters in DeForest

The Sun Prairie Community Band contributed some tunes to the parade also.

Sun Prairie Community band

A favorite is Wisconsin Scaryland, a local haunted house for the Halloween season. They have a neat bus, complete with smoke, bubbles and a zombie just inside the door. Located in Westport, they also accept volunteers during the busy times.

Wisconsin Scaryland Haunted House bus

After the parade we headed to Fireman’s Park to enjoy the festivities. Fireman's Park in DeForest

Balloons by Doodlebug the Clown, she has entertained the crowds of many of the events we have gone to since 1999!

Doodlebug the Clown

Even a classic car show.

Car show at DeForest

Here is the video of all the fun!

We first enjoyed the DeForest Lion’s Club  famous Chicken Dinner, yum! Your soda is included if you get the dinner.

DeForest WI Lions Club

DeForest Lions Club Chicken Dinner prices

DeForest Lions Club Chicken dinner

When night came, we enjoyed a wonderful fireworks display, put on by Kreuger Pyrotechnics.  Light sticks and other light toys were for sale just before the fireworks by Boy Scout Troop 35.  Even adults were being silly.

Lightsaber battle with light sticks

A great end to our nation’s birthday!