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Minneapolis – The Foshay – First Skyscraper in Minnesota!


The big moment we have been waiting for, our ascent to the 30th floor Observation Deck of The Foshay  in Minneapolis.  It was now 1:40 PM. It has only been open 8 years so we chose a good time to visit. The building once dominated the Minneapolis skyline, but now it is surrounded by other taller skyscapers. Not all views are blocked however. It was constructed in 1929 and named after the founder, Wilbur Foshay.

Foshay Tower - W Minneapolis Hotel

See some local news coverage about the tower.

We went in to get our tickets at the desk, such cool lighting inside.

Foshay Tower entrance

Foshay lobby

Foshay Lobby 2

The clerk gave us a special key card to get us to the 30th floor.  We’re here!

30th Floor at Foshay

There is more than the observation deck here, we also enjoyed the museum on this floor before going out.

Museum at Foshay

The original program for the dedication of the building.

Dedication program of Foshay

The other side of the museum. Here you can see the stairs to the deck and in the far left corner is a video alcove.

Foshay Museum 2nd Half

We learned John Phillips Sousa was comissioned to write a special a special march to be played during the tower dedication in 1929.  That was the only time this was performed for many decades. The reason being Mr. Foshay’s check to him in payment for writing and playing the music bounced. Sousa forbade the piece from being performed again until payment was made.  Sousa’s estate was finally paid in the 1990’s by the citizens of Minneapolis raising the money.  Now you can hear it too.

Foshay March Sousa info

Now that we saw the museum, time to go out on the deck!


The deck as you can see is open air and you are well enclosed. I could see places where we had been while exploring the city today.  We could see the Basilica of St. Mary. Also a train behind it.


Also Target Field, where the Minnesota Twins play baseball. I could see right inside the stands!

Minnesota Twins Stadium

Other views. There were free viewing scopes at each corner (except West)



The building right across from us.



A rooftop garden at the Hilton Garden Inn right across from us.

Hilton Garden Inn in Minneapolis

You could see St. Paul, the air was quite clear. We were going there to explore on Sunday.


We completed our tour here, it was now 3 PM and we had a great time! Plan on taking a minimum of an hour here to see everything.