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Jefferson County Indian Mounds and Trail Park


Jefferson County Indian Mounds Park

Now that winter is over, we had a chance to get here to pay our respects to the Ho-Chunk ancestors that were buried here over 1000 years ago.  A historical marker is in the park too.

Indian Burial Mound Marker in Jefferson County

The park is laid out with timbers marking the trail and signs marking each mound and it’s shape. See trail map here.  The park was carpeted with leaves from the previous autumn, providing a soft crunch with each step.

Indian Trail maps

This is the flyer with the history of this area.

Jefferson County Indian Mounds Park brochure0002

Jefferson County Indian Mounds Park brochure0001


Lets begin our walk, this is the right side of the park. We come across a small wooden bridge and wind around to our right.

Wood bridge on Indian Mound trail

All of the mounds have a sign in front of them.  Many are too large to get in one shot.


The woods were serene with the sounds of spring birdsong, accentuating the feelings of peace in this place.  The path took us close to an adjoining property with a chicken house, their soft clucking increasing as I got closer.

Chicken House next to Indian Park

A Bird mound.

Bird mound at Indian Park

We are glad Jefferson County preserved these mounds for all to appreciate and see. As we finished our explorations, a young mom and her daughter arrived to explore this park too.   The Ho-Chunk have a long history in Wisconsin and we respect them.