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Windsor’s First Annual Holiday Lights


This is the first year Windsor has an official holiday light display. DeForest had their first display in 2015.

They all start out small, then grow over time.  It looked quite beautiful after the 7.9 inch snowfall that occurred the previous day.  The trees lights changed from white to multicolored.

Windsor Holiday Lights

Here is a video of the lights.

Closeup’s of the individual displays between the trees.


Happy Holidays from Windsor!

Happy Holidays Windsor

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A Madison Tradition Since 1996 -University Avenue Holiday Trees

University Avenue Holiday Trees


This plaque is on the backside of the trees, honoring the late Dr. Jack Styles Kammer.

This great Madison tradition was started by the late Dr. Jack Kammer of the Center of Cosmetic Dentistry in Madison. He planted the 228 trees back in 1986. By 1996 they were large enough to decorate and they created a sensation on University Avenue on Madison’s West side.  He passed away May 13, 2010. The lights continue though, put up by volunteers.  His son Dr. Chris Kammer has continued the legacy.

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Set-up is done in the fall.  In 2017 it was on 10-28.  To let the public know so they can help put the lights on, two signs were placed in front of the trees in advance.

The first time I photographed these lights was in 2002.  There was an undecorated area in the middle with a lit American flag in the center, paying respect to the tragedy of 911 (now called Patriot Day).

We returned on 11-21-16 armed with my new Canon EOS Rebel T6i camera and took a long-exposure shot.