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Portage – Where The North Begins!

11-27-12 & 1-19-14

Portage sign

Downtown Portage

Portage is a city of 10,000 with a fascinating history going back to June 14, 1673.  Fr. Jacques Maquette and Louis Joliet “portaged” here, making their way to the upper Mississippi to map and explore.  Portage is in a unique spot, the Fox and Wisconsin rivers meet here, making it easy for explorers to go to the Mississippi from here. This settlement was dubbed “la portage” by the French, latter anglicized to Portage.

The city has many markers showing the approximate spots where  many of these events took place.  If you enter town on Hwy. 51,  you encounter a red granite monument that was dedicated in 1905. It is close to where Marquette and Joliet entered the Wisconsin River, which is across the street.

Marquette and Joliet Marker

At nearby Pauquette Park, you see the marker showing the location of the Ferry landing at the  Wisconsin river.

Ferry Landing place

Bridge over Wisconsin River

Another important historic site in Portage is the Historic Indian Agency House.  It was built by the Federal Government for John Kinzie and his wife Juliette in 1832.  It is situated at the portage point between the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers.  Many events take place here throughout the year, the main season between May-October 15.

Indian Agency House in Portage WI

Other historic buildings have also been preserved,  Fort Winnebago and the Surgeon’s Quarters is another seasonal site open May through October 15.

Surgeons Quarters Portage

In town there are just as many interesting sights.  Portage was also home to playwright Zona Gale. Her former home is now called Museum at the Portage and is also open seasonally.

The Zona Gale house had a fire  April 13 and is closed until further notice.

Museum at the Portage

After achieving success, she bought a home for her parents. It is now the headquarters of the Women’s Civic League of Portage.  It has been an active organization for over 80 years.

Women Civic League Gale Home

To further honor Zona Gale’s achievements,  The Zona Gale Theatre is the  arts center in Portage.  Zona was very active in Portage until her death in 1938.

Zona Gale Theatre

The museum and this house are part of the Society Hill Historic District, where the wealthy and leadership of early Portage lived.

Society Hill Historic District sign

Many of the mansions are constructed of yellow “Portage brick” , similar to the “Cream City (Milwaukee) brick from Milwaukee but made in Portage in the 19th century. Read more about this brick on pages 15-18 of this document.

Society Hill District Yellow Brick house


A historic canal also runs through Portage. It was completed in 1876, connecting the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers for easy access in town.  It now has a recreational path alongside. Friends of the Canal have been working to revitalize the area around the canal.  Look directly ahead in the photo and you see Canal Feed and Seed mill, constructed in 1861. No longer a mill, the property is now The Big Chicken Resale and antique store, since 2011.

Canal Seed and Feed 1861

All this exploring can build up an appetite!  We have enjoyed meals at three establishments in Portage. One is The Red Apple. Another is The Levee. Also the big truck stop Petro off of I-90/I-94/I-39, Exit 108A (Hwy 78S). Their Iron Skillet Restaurant is wonderful!

The Red Apple Restaurant in PortageThe Levee Restaurant in PortagePetro Iron Skillet  in Portage

It’s time to work off that great meal you ate!  In the winter, if you are into winter sports, you are close to Cascade Mountain. Its just around the bend on 90/94 if you continue past Petro. You can’t miss the large billboard on the side of one of their buildings. Here is video taken by someone snowboarding down.

Cascade Mountain sign

Cascade Mountain


Ski Hill

Cascade Mountain cut out with us

We have enjoyed our visits to Portage. Come for the sports, come for the rich history!

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Hyde Mill for All Seasons

Hyde Mill 1-25-11

Hyde Mill in Spring

Hyde Mill Summer

Hyde Mill in Autumn

Hyde Mill is one of Wisconsin photographers favorite subjects.  Its located in Ridgeway in Iowa County in Southwest Wisconsin. It’s future is uncertain since the parcel of land its on has been up for sale since 2008.  The mill was built in 1850 and is no longer functioning.  Mill Creek still flows by, providing a relaxing sound. However, the area surrounding the mill is replete with artifacts left from when it was a functioning mill.

There is a row of millstones on display on the grounds. This was two years ago, now they are behind a fence.  There are other artifacts as well.


10-7 05110-7 070

Up on a hill nearby is the Old Mill House, built in 1876.

Old Mill House in Ridgeway

Other interesting places are in Hyde near the mill. The Hyde Chapel.

Hyde Chapel labeled

The Hyde Store.  A busy establishment, the store host many parties and live music performances.

10-7 12210-7 124

7-26-16, 2017, 2018

It was time to revisit the mill, AT NIGHT.  I had just bought a new camera, the Canon Rebel T6i after learning it was capable of astrophotography.  We also found out the mill is located in one of the darkest spots in Wisconsin.  This Light Pollution map was our guide and is updated yearly.  This was the result, wow!  My objective was to photograph the Milky Way as a backdrop behind the mill.

Best IMG_0398 No line WM

The darkness of mill location in 2016.

Light Pollution at Hyde Mill marked

The view behind the mill was just as impressive, both photos taken on the bridge.

Best IMG_0412 Behind Mill WM

In 2018 I did a time-lapse.

9-23-19 (hopefully)

We are at the tail end of the Milky Way season. I just got a new lens meant for astrophotography. Its aperture is 1.8, as opposed to the 3.5 lenses I have used at this point. Here is what it looks like.

I took a look at the light pollution map, it’s getting worse but it’s still good enough.

Light Levels in 2019


It is always enjoyable to visit here no matter the season.


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