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House on the Rock in Spring Green


House on the Rock  in Spring Green defies description, its AMAZING!  This huge, sprawling “house” has so many exhibits it takes ALL DAY to see them all. Artist Alex Jordan created this attraction for all to enjoy. Not only that, there is a resort nearby if you wish to stay the night. Here is a sampling of what you will see here.

House 1a

House on the Rock Main Building

Japanese Garden

House on the Rock Japanese Garden

The famous Infinity Room

The Infinity Room-House on the Rock

Infinity Room vanishes to point...

Carousel at House on the Rock

The Carousel is a favorite! It slowly turns, giving you a chance to see the horses closely. Its the the world’s largest carousel.

Octopus’s Garden is in the Heritage of the Sea Room. All the rooms are rather poorly lit, so make sure you have a good flash.

Octopus Garden

There is so much at House on the Rock, you need the day to see it all.  It’s well worth the trip!