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Gresham-where the Quality of Life Abounds!



Gresham is a small close-knit Village of 586 located just northwest of Shawano.   On our way home from our visit to Shawano we decided to have a quick lunch here.  On the city limits we saw the Miles of Art sign, the event going on this weekend. See the MAP of where art is on display in Shawano County.

Miles of Art Festival in Gresham

Delightful view downtown, their maroon clock sets the scene.


Gresham City Clock

Lunchtime!  We heard about this delightful place called Pa’s Ice Cream Shoppe and wanted to try it.


Their menu, how do you choose?


That dipped ice cream cone was amazing. Good thing it was a cool day!

dipped-ice-cream-cone-at-pas-ice-cream-shoppeAfter lunch we looked at some of the other businesses nearby. Shanti’s Art Studio near the clock is across from the ice cream shoppe.

Shanti's Art Studio in Gresham

With Halloween on the way, an old building becomes a haunted house called Panic Chambers Hotel. Looks scary!


The Leaky Roof Bar


Also The Bad Habit Bar and Grill, nicely decorated with a barn quilt.

The Bad Habit Bar and Grill in Gresham

The Gresham Town Mart for your grocery needs and Cenex gas.


Also a Post Office too.

Gresham Post Office

It was now 1:30 and raining so it was time to depart. A beautiful community we would like to revisit again.

Halloween 2015 in Madison


Halloween Facebook Cover

We usually aren’t night people, but sometimes the most fun happens at night. On Halloween for example. This year we went to the Edgewater Hotel for their Halloween Badger Tailgate Party held in the big tent in the Plaza.

Photo by The Edgewater

Photo above by The Edgewater

The Edgewater 2015

Edgewater special event tent

The Ryan McGrath Band played a lot of great music too.  Here is a good example of their performance.

Ryan McGrath Band at Edgewater

There was great food too, We enjoyed Duck Jambalaya and Pork Spare Ribs. We picked up our food in The Icehouse near the tent. Al is sure enjoying the ribs! There was a beanbag game going on too.

Tailgate Party at Edgewater

After a great afternoon at the Edgewater we went to the Westmorland neighborhood on Meyer Ave. Here are the boundaries of this beautiful neighborhood.  It isn’t far from the Glenwood Children’s Park.

Haunted House Banner

This was the 22nd year of this popular and free haunted house.  The parents of a friend of ours do this just because they love celebrating Halloween. There are also a great many children around, and to hear them saying “trick or treat” all around was something I have not heard a lot of since the 1980’s. They kept the spirit of Halloween alive here. Lets go through the “haunted house” on this exclusive tour I recorded when we went there.  There are no people jumping out at you in the dark,  just many creepy decorations and black and red lights.  One section of the video also has a flashing strobe light, making sure those sensitive to strobes are informed. Lets go, if you dare!

We managed to make it through alive, and we had a great time. The house has a Facebook page if you want to see when you can go next year.   This was a great old-fashioned Halloween that brought back memories of celebrating it as a child.

Thank You for Coming to the Haunted House