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The Crazy Horse Memorial-Tribute to All Native American Tribes


When you are near the Crazy Horse Memorial

you will see a sign for a low power radio station describing what is going on there.

We tuned in, you can listen here. The drive up the Avenue of the Chiefs built our anticipation for a great visit!

Here is a short film giving an overview of this monumental project.

The project was began in 1948 by Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski and the legacy continues today by his children.

Admission is $28 for per vehicle with more than 2 people.  That fee is waived during special events where food donations are accepted instead.

The grounds are beautiful with a great view of the carving-in-progress. There is a museum and the Laughing Water Restaurant where you can enjoy Indian Taco and other traditional Native American foods. We enjoyed a great dinner there! Pictured is the taco, Tatanka (Bison) Stew, and  fry bread with wojapi (warm berry sauce) for a yummy dessert!

Begin your self-guided tour of the extensive museum at the information desk, the people there are happy to answer your questions!

There are a great many rooms to explore, you can make a day of it here! The main deck is a great viewpoint of Crazy Horse, you can see all the action when work is being done. There is also a scale model of what it will look like when complete on the deck. This model is in the display room  behind me.

This room is the first one you see after coming off the main deck near the restaurant.

In this room is a bin of rocks from the monument that you can take for free!

The scale model showing what it will look like when finished. Al and I may not live long enough though to see that day unless they get a LARGE influx of money. This is being built entirely on donations.

Here are some other highlights in the rest of the building.

Inside of the teepee.


This was a surprise, a signed Packer football there 🙂

Korczak display room with artifacts from the family and early carvings.

A painting of Korczak at age 73.

This display room has a great many Native American artifacts from many tribes.

More to see downstairs.

It was thrilling seeing a real one on the way there!

We were reaching the conclusion of our tour.  As we prepared to go, we saw a bus taking people out to the base of the mountain. We were a little too tired to do that today, but planning on it next time.  

Trip to Titletown-Doing the Lambeau Leap in Green Bay!


We were bound for Titletown!   We left Algoma at 12:45 and headed to Green Bay for the last pre-season game that was to begin at 6 PM.  My husband’s family owns season tickets, pased down from his late father.  We are big Packer fans.

Bridge to Green Bay

Bridge to Green Bay

It was so exciting to be there, Lambeau Field is BIG, they underwent some renovations not too many years ago. They have been adding more seats as well. This is a drive-by shot. We found are big fans also of free parking so we found a spot in a nearby neighborhood not too far from the stadium.

Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field

8-29 1516

Lombardi neighborhood 🙂

We began our walk to the stadium, Packer worship was quite evident, more here than anywhere else in WI.

Packer Gated Shrine

Packer Gated Shrine in Yard from tree

Packer Party

Packer Party

We were with a large crowd of people heading to the stadium..

Lambeau outside

8-29 1550

Coach Lombardi statue

Coach Lombardi statue

The excitement was high as we were admitted into the Atrium. it is HUGE! Here is a view from the 3rd floor.



We found our seats, it had a great view of the field and one of the screens.



The game began with a large Packer Flag and the National Anthem.

8-29 1777

We really had fun at the game, being there is far different than watching it on TV, so real!

92 Degrees

92 Degrees8-30 1937

Our favorite part of the game was a photo with “St. Lombardi”, a big fan present at nearly every game who has a cool Bishop-like costume adorned in Packer regalia. Our “crazy character” picture of the month.

St. Lombardi

St. Lombardi

What a great day, Go Pack Go!