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Governor Dodge State Park in Dodgeville

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9-27-12 & 5-3-14

It was time for our annual Fall Color Tour,  and go to Governor Dodge State  Park for the first time together.  It’s close to Dodgeville, where we went after visiting here.   The colors were near peak and quite beautiful.  we also were there to see two attractions that are there, Stephen’s Falls and the Rock Spring House .  We had a drought last summer so the falls were greatly diminished 😦

We returned spring 2014, what a difference in the falls. Plenty of water was flowing this time. The waterfall was nice enough to pose for a selfie with us 🙂

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Al and Laurie Stephens Falls

The Spring House was impressive.  Here is a view inside also.

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This time, we went up the hill above the Spring House and discovered more that we didn’t see before. The falls were named after a farm family that once lived here, the Stephens.

Stephen's Farm sign

Stephens Farm site

We had a great visit here, This is a very pretty park, especially in fall. Plenty of hiking trails to explore too.

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Dodgeville-At the Heart of it All!

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On Sept 27, 2012 we traveled to Dodgeville. This town is located near some great  parks, namely Governor Dodge, Tower Hill and Blue Mounds State Park. We visited

Governor Dodge also during our adventure here.  The city is named after Henry Dodge who founded the town in 1827,  40 miners were also among the first residents.  Downtown is one of the oldest districts in Wisconsin.  Dodgeville is also the county seat of Iowa county.

We came here after our visit to Governor Dodge State Park to sight see and have lunch. Beautiful downtown with the trees displaying their fall colors.

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The Courthouse.

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We had a Cornish Pasty at the Quality Bakery.

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Yummy pasty!

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We had a great visit here, the beauty is especially great in fall.

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