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West of the Lake Gardens in Manitowoc


West of the Lake Collage in Manitowoc

West of the Lake Gardens is a jewel in Manitowoc, accessible from the Mariner’s Trail also.  A beautiful garden for all to enjoy, many volunteers keep it looking that way.  The have many kinds of flowers, artfully arranged.

The Formal Garden

Succulents at West of the Lake Garden

Formal Garden at West of the Lake in Manitowoc

Mae West Garden with Proud Bird Sculpture

Mae West Garden at West of the Lake Gardens in Manitowoc

The Red and White Garden

Red and White Garden at West of the Lake Gardens in Manitowoc

The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden at West of the Lake Garden in Manitowoc

The Sunken Garden

The Sunken Garden at West of the Lake Garden in Manitowoc

Trellis at West of the Lake Garden in Manitowoc

We are done with our tour, a great place to visit in the heart of the city.


Allen Centennial Gardens in Madison


Allen Centennial Gardens Collage


Allen Centennial Gardens entry sign



Allen Centennial Gardens is another public garden in Madison that we don’t get to often enough. It is a “classroom” on the UW Campus for students and volunteers.  Al went there in the spring during the UW Family Gardening Day this year. In mid-summer, I finally got here! All the flowers were in full bloom and very beautiful. The Victorian house was built around 1890. They change their “theme” in the garden each year. In 2014 the theme was “25th Anniversary Celebration” and dancers decorated the garden.

Dancer art at Allen Centennial Gardens


2014 Garden Theme


The first garden near the house, Sally’s Garden, named after generous benefactor Sally Bilder.

Sally's GardenBehind the house is the Ornamental Shade Garden and the Wisconsin Woodland Garden. There is a commemorative plaque on a rock in that garden.

Woodland Garden plaque Allen Gardens

Wisconsin Woodland Garden Allen Gardens

 Views out in the main part of the gardens.

Paths at Allen Gardens

 The gazebo and red bridge as seen from the round Lawn garden.

Gazebo and bridge at Allen Gardens

A closer view.

Gazebo and pond Allen Gardens

Even a sundial, it was actually noon at the time but it would be correct in Standard time, not Daylight Savings time.

Sundial at Allen Gardens

Birds find plenty of places to take a bath here.

Birds bathing at Allen Gardens

Czech Crevice Garden

Czech Crevice Garden

The French Garden

Fren Garden at Allen Gardens

Some shade for a hot summer day.

Arbor Terrace at Allen Gardens

English Garden

English Garden at Allen Gardens


I had a great visit here and plan on coming back more often.  It is open year-round to visitors.

Dubuque Arboretum and Botanical Gardens – Come Grow With Us!


We discovered most big cities to the small towns we have visited  have at least one public garden for the public to enjoy. Dubuque is no exception. The Dubuque Museum and Botanical Gardens is quite beautiful in mid-summer and was well worth the visit.

Dubuque Botanical Gardens


Be sure to stop in the Visitor Center for a map of the huge grounds. You could easily spend the day here. They also have apparel and souveniers.


Dubuque Garden Visitor Center

Dubuque Garden gazebo

There are gardens of different themes…

Japanese Garden

Dubuque Japanese Garden

 English Garden

English Garden in Dubuque

Rose Garden

Dubuque Rose Garden


Even waterfalls are here.

Waterfall at Dubuque Garden

Just some of the beautiful flowers here at the garden.

Dubuque Garden Collage

We had a wonderful visit here. Could not see it all this time but perhaps on a return visit we can see the rest.

Dubuque Botanical Garden Stone sign

Olbrich Botanical Gardens – Blooming Butterflies

Mid-July to Mid-August



Olbrich Botanical Garden Butterfly sign


Blooming Butterflies cost

Olbrich Botanical Gardens  has many great events throughout the year. In December I went to their Holiday Express. In mid-summer the conservatory is full of butterflies! They get shipments of butterflies still in their Chrysalis, and they emerge inside Bolz Conservatory.  They are emerging inside this case, then are released when ready.

Butterfly hatching at Olbrich

Hatching butterflies at Olbrich

Here are a couple that just hatched and are drying their wings. Those are Gulf Fritillary. Here are six others I saw, the one on the purple cone flower was outside.

Butterfly Collage at Olbrich

Butterfly Collage 2 at Olbrich

 There were others, but many were not yet out of their crysalis yet. To attract more butterflies to your yard, here is an idea they shared with us.

Attracting Butterflies

The outdoor gardens were just as beautiful in full summer bloom.

Olbrich Outdoor Collage

  What a great time to visit the gardens!

Stop and Smell the Peonies in Rosendale


We were on our way to Algoma, and our Garmin led us through Rosendale in Fon du Lac county.. Be VERY careful with your speed, cops are known for pulling you over and giving tickets if you are as little as 1 mph over limit. We had no problems.

Rosendale sign

Right across from the sign is a unique structure made of Lake Michigan Stones, completed in 1924.

Lake Michigan Stones Marker by August H. Bluemke

What really made us stop was the view on our left, Sisson’s Peony Gardens.  The structures in the garden were constructed between 1928-30.  Wilbur Sisson retired in Rosendale in 1918 and began to build this beautiful sanctuary which began to attract people from miles around.  Its now listed as a Wisconsin Historic Site.  The peonies were not in bloom by the time we saw it, but maybe next year. In early June the town celebrates “Peony Sunday”

Sisson's Peony Gardens in Rosendale Sisson's Peony Garden Stone Entrance

Peony Garden sign

Stone Windmill

A view of the gardens behind the windmill.

Sisson's Peony Gardens view

In the far back is a beautiful gazebo.


We plan on coming back here next year, hopefully during their Peony Sunday festival.



We did make it back, but a little too late for the festival. There were still flowers blooming, unlike the visit last August.

Sisson Peony Garden in June


Peony Collage