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Crivitz-Stephenson Historical Society Museum


The Crivitz-Stephenson Historical Society Museum is located downtown and well worth the visit if you have a few extra hours.  Read more about Crivitz history here.  Admission is free but donations gratefully accepted.

Crivitz Historical Society Museum description

Crivitz-Stephenson Historical Society Museum

We began our tour in the main building above, SO many displays!  Al and Ellie Karman so generously donated the land for the museum, thank you!

Al and Ellie Karman Land benefactors for Crivitz museum

Judge F. Bartels names Crivitz after Crivitz, Germany.

Judge F. Bartels-Crivitz namer

A view at the entrance.

Panorama of Crivitz museum

Here are some of the many displays.

Some milk bottles when Crivitz used to bottle milk.

Crivitz Hillside Milk

Living Room display in early 1900’s. Notice large radio on the right.

Living Room display at Crivitz Museum

Schoolroom display

Schoolroom display at Crivitz Museum

Vintage women’s fashions

Womens fashion display at Crivitz museum

Kitchen and dining room

Kitchen and Dining Room display in Crivitz

The village Piggly Wiggly has provided food for the Crivitz area for over a century! Below is the store now. Owned by the Witt family still, going into the 4th generation.

Piggly Wiggly 100+ Years in Crivitz

Piggly Wiggly and Subway in Crivitz

There are two other buildings here, a docent will take you out to them and describe their history.  This is the logging cabin, here you learn about the importance of the lumber industry here in the Crivitz area.  It still is, as we saw rail cars loaded with logs downtown.

Logging Museum building in Crivitz

Railroad Cars with wood in Crivitz

Logging camp in Crivitz

Peshitigo Logging Cabin at Crivitz

A highly detailed display of a logging camp. The one that was in Iron Mountain, MI is shown here. Here is some information about the model.

Logging Camp info

The last building is lovingly called “Honeymoon Cabin”.

Honeymoon Cabin in Crivitz

Honeymoon Cabin in Memory of Doris Allen

 I had never heard of that term before. It is from the former Ahle’s Resort on Lake Noquebay and when it closed, it was moved here and still being restored. Read more about its history here.  Here is where the resort once was, on the western side of the lake.

Ahle's Resort location on Lake Noquebay

This is a photo from the resort, you can see this cabin in the middle of the photo between two trees.

Ahle's Resort photo Honeymoon Cabin in middle

Other views inside cabin.

Inside Honeymoon Cabin in Crivitz

This concludes our visit to the Crivitz-Stephenson Historical Society Museum.  We had a good time and our hosts were wonderful!


Crivitz – Gateway to the North

6-24 to 26-2016

Village of Crivitz landscaping

Triangle Park – Waterfall over sign by Loyal Landscaping, 2009

Crivitz Gateway to the North sign

After being Yoopers for a Day, we arrived in Crivitz, WI at about 7:30 PM on the 24th. We are here since this is the place where Al has memories. His family used to have a cabin on Lake Noquebay when he was young and he wanted to see what the town looked like over 40 years later.  Crivitz recreation and a visitor guide can be found here.  See here also.

Crivitz is also well known for their large July 4th celebration. Enjoy their fireworks display!

Crivitz July 4th celebration

  We turned in and were greeted with a beautiful sunrise the next morning just before 6:30.

Crivitz sunrise 6:23 AM on June 25

After taking pictures at the waterfall sign, we had breakfast at the restaurant behind the sign, Charlie’s Island Café. Great food and they open early! We had breakfast there the next morning too, they have a yummy buffet.

Charlie's Island Cafe in Crivitz

Charlie's Island Cafe inside in Crivitz

It was time to explore the town. Right after breakfast we went to take a look at an abandoned farmhouse called “The Gingerbread House” just outside of town.  Apparently it is a photo subject the locals visit often.  We had a beautiful clear sky that morning and it made a beautiful backdrop.

Gingerbread House WM

An abandoned car on the property nearly overgrown.

Abandoned Car at Gingerbread House in Crivitz

Let’s see some of the businesses in downtown Crivitz. See a list of other businesses here.  Here is Soup to Nuts.

Downtown Crivitz

Sharkey’s Floral and Greenhouse

Sharkey's Floral and Greenhouse in Crivitz

Oak Hill Treasures

Oak Hill Treasures

The railroad track crossed here also. There were some cars here partially load with wood, waiting for the engine car to pick them up after loading.

Railroad Cars with wood in Crivitz

Piggly Wiggly and Subway

Piggly Wiggly and Subway in Crivitz

We left Crivitz for a little while and went to nearby Peshtigo to see the Peshtigo Fire Museum since that was also open that day.  We grabbed lunch at the Crivitz BP, they even had some tables to sit at inside.

We stayed at the Capri Motel. The room was nice and clean and large. A word of warning though, bring plenty of cash if you stay here, their Paypal® connection was down and we had to pay $100 in cash for two nights.

Capri Motel in Crivitz

In the afternoon we explored the Crivitz-Stephenson Historical Society Museum.  It was HUGE and contained some other out-buildings aside from the large main museum building.

Crivitz Historical Society Museum description

Crivitz-Stephenson Historical Society Museum

We sure had fun exploring the museum, good work Crivitz-Stephenson Historical Society!  It was time to head to Lake Noquebay Park on the south end of the lake.  It costs $3.00 for the day here. Went down to the shore and saw a lot of activity on the water on this warm summer afternoon.  Summer is fun here!  It has changed a lot in 40 years though, the now Timberline Resort has grown in size and Al did not recognize it from his memories.

Lake Noquebay views in Crivitz

After we enjoyed taking in the view on the lake we enjoyed dinner lakeside at the Timberline Bar and Grill. They had delicious seafood and I had  shrimp, Al had Taco Salad.  Timberline Resort restaurant in Crivitz

This concludes our one day exploring Crivitz.  We learned a lot about the area and it was interesting to Al all the changes that have happened over the years.

Crivitz Watertower

Welcome to Crivitz selfie