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The International Crane Foundation – Baraboo


The International Crane Foundation celebrates its 40th year, and it was our first time there together. Its located in Baraboo. I went for the first time about 20 years ago, it was Al’s first time.  It was great to come back, and it was better than ever, with many improvements and great viewing of the cranes.  We got there in time for their 1:00 tour, and also decided to join as well, such a worthwhile organization to be a part of.

 ICF sign in Baraboo

ICF Inside sign

Cudahy Visitor Center at Crane Foundation

We began our tour at the Cudahy Visitor Center, where our guide Elaine started us off with a short film called “Cranes-Symbols of Survival”.   Here it is so you can see it too.

After the film we went out to see the exhibits, Elaine giving us an overview of each of the cranes and their story. The Grey Crowned Crane was the first.

Grey Crowned Crane

The Wattled Crane

Wattled Crane

Elaine showed us over 10 cranes, to see a map of the grounds and all the species, look here. We were most impressed by the Whopping Crane, now very rare. We are lucky to have the opportunity to see one at this sanctuary.

Whooping Crane at ICF

Whooping Crane sign

We had a great time here and plan on coming back again soon, since our membership allows us to visit for free, plus one other guest.

Cranes in flight art display at ICF