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Cars on State Street in Madison

First Saturday in June

Cars On State Logo 2013

If you like classic cars, this is the event for you! Madison has many events downtown in the summer and we have been to this one several times. Here are some of the cool cars we saw.

Here is a Model A.

Model A- Cars on State


Woodie Convertible sign


Al and car

My husband hamming it up 🙂  The best one was the De Lorean,  Doc Brown must have taken a break from time-traveling to come to the show!


State Street view


For a great early summer day in Madison, come to Cars on State.

You Just Never Know…

What cars will turn up at our gas station.

Wayne's Automotive

We go to Wayne’s Automotive on Cottage Grove road to get gas before our big adventures. If you want ethanol-free, this is the place to go.

One day a classic car came by. He even let us sit inside. This was June 16.

Classic car

Inside classic car

On July 22 we were back, this time an amphibious car was there. Wish we had one 🙂

Amphibious Car

I wonder what we will see next?