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The Don Q Inn in Dodgeville – A Quirky Hotel


In Dodgeville,  we saw an airplane perched on top of a hill with a hotel across from it.  It turns out it was the famed Don Q Inn! The plane landed there a final time on 10-16-77.

Don Q Inn
3658 Hwy 23 North • Dodgeville, WI 53533
1-800-666-7848 • 608-935-2321

Don Q  Inn Boeing C-97

Don Q Inn

Not only that, the train depot of Dodgeville is also here at this site.

Dodgeville Depot

This is a unique theme hotel located near these popular attractions.

We asked permission to look inside the plane, you didn’t have to be a guest.  On the other side was a ladder to go in.  So cool! Here is a view of the cockpit.

Boeing cockpit

Boeing fusilage and us

Here are some facts about the plane.

Boeing Facts

Boeing equipment

Inside the hotel was just as interesting. We could not see any of the theme rooms but we saw the lobby. In the winter relax in a barber or dentist chair (!) around a circular fireplace.

Don Q Inn lobby

A very cool place, we hope to stay a night sometime.

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