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Harrisville-Home of the Bratfest

9-3-17 Labor Day weekend Sunday

Harrisville is home of the ”LARGEST One Day Brat Fest in the State” and after seeing it for ourselves, we believe it! It is the 57th Bratfest.  Harrisville is an unincorporated community located in the town of Harris, Marquette County, Wisconsin. The population is 729. First some of the history, the Harris Town Hall. It was built in 1899, Greek Revival in design.

Near the town hall is a flag pole with a plaque on a rock. It is the Harris Veterans Memorial.

On the side of the Sportman Club building on the fest grounds is a beautiful mural depicting Harris history. Click  on picture to enlarge. It was completed 7-9-12. Learn more about other murals in Marquette County here.

Now back to Bratfest!  Here is the schedule, plenty of fun to be had for people of all ages!

The community is small but hundreds of people come here from all over for this annual fundraiser for the Harris Volunteer Fire Department. There is a lot of entertainment to be had, pedal pulls for the kids, tractor pulls for the adults, volleyball, baseball, rides, music and more!  After many years of Madison’s Brat Fest, it was fun going to one in a different community. The volleyball competition.

Baseball game.

There was a pedal pull competion for the kids, we saw that too in Wonewoc during their Old Fashioned Day festival.

This is training for the Tractor Pull, also happening at this festival. Admission was $15 per person. We looked over the fence. The Harrisville Tractor Pullers Association has many competitions through the summer and fall. See their Facebook page for updates. Below is their BIG sled. The schedule for the day.

K & M Rides and Amusements LLC from Phillip, WI provided the carnival and even pony rides.

See the carnival and more in the video below.

Souvenir T-Shirts for sale too, I got one!

We heard music from two groups, the first one was Southbound.  They are from Milwaukee. They played at the tent in the main fair grounds by the town hall and fire station.

The 2nd group was the Star Fire Family band from Readfield, WI. They were also wonderful! See a little of both groups on the video.

We had a great time at this Bratfest, different than the Johnsonville’s World’s Largest Brat Fest. The emphasis here is supporting one entity, the Harris Volunteer Fire Department.  We’re glad we went. “Barney Brat” hopes you come back next year!








Lake Tomahawk – Home of Snowshoe Baseball


Lake Tomahawk signLake Tomahawk banner

Just a little north of Rhinelander is the town of Lake Tomahawk, population of 1,160 in Oneida County. This is a beautiful region of the Northwoods with many activities nearby. We arrive about 6:30 AM to a peaceful downtown, only the fishermen are up, getting some supplies and maybe bait for a day on the lake. There are plenty to choose from, more than 15 in this area.

Lake Tomahawk downtown

The Chamber of Commerce can answer your questions and help to maximize your fun during your stay.

 Lake Tomahawk Chamber of Commerce

At J & J Sports, they can take care of your fishing and hunting needs. Open 6 AM to 9 PM. You can also get wild rice, harvested by the Ojibwe Indians who live in this part of the state. Learn more about this history here.  Get your boat launch stickers here too if the Chamber is not open.

J & J Sports in Lake Tomahawk

J & J Sports at Lake Tomahawk

Lake Tomahawk Launch Fees

Lake Tomahawk is also known for an unusual sport, snowshoe baseball. The residents bemoan the end of winter when they have to put the snowshoes away, so they found a way not to!  Games are played in July and August.  Here is a video, we didn’t get a chance to see this sport when we were here. There is a wood carving dedicated to this sport just outside the Chamber of Commerce.

Snowhawk snowshoe totom pole in Lake Tomahawk

Other businesses, the brand-new Tamarack Tap, opened on July 1, 2015.

Lizzy T's Tamarac Tap open 7-1-15 in Lake Tomahawk

A squirrel pointed the way to the Lake Tomahawk Historical Museum. Didn’t get to stop and see it though. Nearby is Gregory Realty, Inc.

Lake Tomahawk Historical Museum sign

On the left we have Dan’s Upholstery and Autotrim, the Post Office, Smiley’s Pub and Sports Bar, Shamrock Pub and Eatery.

Downtown Lake Tomahawk businesses 1

Further down the street and also on our left is the Village Café, Fishboat Subs and Pizza, Handcrafted Furniture Company.

Downtown Lake Tomahawk businesses 2

Just before leaving town, we see Big Cats Gaslight, Lake Tomahawk Meat Market and The Butcher’s Wife Ice Cream-Gifts and Vintage.

Lake Tomahawk Businesses Downtown 5

We were only here about 15 minutes, we hope to have a longer visit next time to watch some snowshoe baseball.

2nd Annual Wisconsin Cheese Curdfest


Curdfest sign

Curdfest took place the same day as Ride the Drive and on our way back home and it looked like a lot of fun. It took place at the Madison Mallard’s baseball team stadium. Cheese is big business in Wisconsin and cheese curds are a favorite snack. This festival serves cheese curds from MANY businesses and you have the chance to vote for your favorite!

Cheese Curd ballot

There was quite a crowd when we arrived, we realized it would be the last time inside these gates until our first game next summer. We got in line at the Curd Girl food cart. This was the only cart we stopped at and cash was low. We made a good choice though, they were delicious!

Curdfest Curd Girlfood cart

Fried Cheese Curds at Curdfest

There was so much more to see, a petting zoo for the kids drew a crowd. The animals were so cute!

Petting Zoo Collage


We also had music by the Hometown Sweethearts as a great background to all the fun.

Hometown Sweethearts band at Curdfest


For a great time and great curds, come to Curdfest!

Curdfest at Madison Mallards in Madison